Saturday, November 05, 2011

Camera Critters #187 - Barbados Donkey - November 5, 2011

While traveling around the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, I came
across this donkey, tied up and waiting patiently in the heat, for someone
to come along and pay attention to him.

I am participating in Camera Critters, #187 - put up your
favorite critter photo and join in the fun!


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Awww poor donkey. I hope it didn't have to wait too long!
    Here's my critter ...

  2. I would LOVE to give him attention and tickle those ribs.

  3. I certainly hope that you rewarded this patient fellow with an apple or carrot or more!

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    So sweet - but he looks undernourished.

  5. Great shot of the donkey!
    I love the photo in your header, what a beautiful place.

  6. He does look a little lonely.

  7. The donkey is counting, "one, two, three, four, ...."

    There are visitors coming, and the sixth visitor is commenting.

  8. Annie @ButteryBooks -
    I doubt that people pass along that road very often...we were in search of the sugar cane growers that provide the cane for Mt. Gay rum, by favorite.

    rainfield61 -
    That poor old donkey seemed so sad and lonely. He was glad to have company and gladly ate the apple we had in our box lunches!

    secret agent woman -
    It was so hot there in Barbados, especially inland along those sugar cane fields. We were glad to get back to the beach!

    Dina -
    That poor donkey seemed so happy to have visitors. There wasn't anyone home at the house where he lived.

    Kate -
    Actually, our hotel had prepared box lunches for us as we all gave him our apples which he happily chomped.

    ladyfi -
    Most of the critters I saw in Barbados didn't look very well fed.

    CameraCruise -
    The beautiful scene in my header is only about three miles from my home. I just love that spot. It is glorious when those daisies, which seed themselves every year, are in bloom.

  9. Love pics of Donkeys family in Ireland has some crazy ones...One of the blogs I follow called "On the Way to Critter Farm" has some hilarious ones too !! Love it !! Cheers from NYC!!

  10. fun photo! I might have to post a photo on Camera Critters also. Have a great Sunday.

  11. Beautiful critter shot!

    Late visiting from Camera Critters. The Hopper is my critter, please drop by when you get a chance. Thanks!

  12. He does look a bit skinny, but clean and well cared-for. Poor old thing. Or maybe not so old.

  13. Hi Carmen,
    l'asino è un animale dolcissimo... ma questo animale è un peccato vederlo così mal nutrito !
    Buona serata.

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