Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Watery Wednesday #161 - Pacifica, CA - November 7, 2011

Pacifica. California is a beautiful spot on the northern California coast between
San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.  It is a small community of only about
40,000 people, resplendant on a sunny day with beautiful ocean views,
great seafood, fishing, surfing and a Mediterranean climate.  As often as not,
however, Pacifica is foggy and is famous for its annual Fog Fest.

The houses often seem to dip into the sea and, as a matter of fact, eroding
cliff sides have been a problem.  Real estate has crumbled into the ocean,
causing great headaches for owners and city engineers.

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  1. Oh Carmen, you speak so lovingly of Pacifica! Where are you moving next, after India, after all these years in Pacifica?

    Any chance you can drive up the coast and visit with me one of these days?

  2. The calm sea shot is really great,while I feel very nervous about cliff.
    The combination of peaceful sea and cliff that is about to collapse is extremely interesting .
    You know,I always enjoy your photo.

  3. Some places here have fallen into the lake when sand cliffs crumbled.

  4. Captured wonderfully!

    My Watery post. Drop by when you get a chance, thanks!

  5. How very pretty. Nice capture.

  6. That is a beautiful view, I love that part of the coast.

  7. rosaria -
    I do, very much, love this area of California and I hope, on my return, to land somewhere near here. I will make it a priority, once I'm settled, to make the trip up the CA coast to Port Orford!!

    SquirrelQueen -
    I do cherish living in this part of the world. Just a quick drive over the hill and the Pacific lies before me.

    ♥~Judy~♥ -
    I can't imagine living far from here. Since my move to the San Francisco nearly 35 years ago, I've never been far from this view.

    kumittyi -
    I am so honored you like my photography! I do love the ocean but I would not choose to have a home so precariously placed!

    Sharkbytes (TM)-
    Nice views are wonderful but I would want to be certain I am as safe as can be on a geological secure piece of ground...as far as one can be. I'm not sure that is so possible in shaky California.

    chubskulit -
    It's so nice having you visit!

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