Monday, November 07, 2011

The Latest From Carmen - November 8, 2011

Well, you've guessed, I'm sure.  Once again, I've spent half a day on the
phone with Alaska Airlines, changing my flights for India.  Last time, though,
I promise, my dear Indian friends - otherwise, it's hardly worth my coming
at all.  I saw my doctor this week - as dictated by Medicare, for my annual
phsyical exam.  I went looking like a horror, with not one, but three fever
blisters on my lips ( haven't had one in years ) and my blood pressure, for
some reason, up to 200/100.  I can't see how that is possible since I am on
two different types of antihypertensive medications.  Dr. Yan shook her
head and suggested I must be under some kind of stress.  She thought I'd
already left for India.

"That's the problem", I told her, "I can't seem to get finished packing up the
house".  I've been working like a demon but it's going slowly  Most of it, I'm
doing myself and, while I AM making headway, there is still much to finish.

I was successful with changing my itinerary - for a $100 change fee, and,
actually, it is all much better for me.  Instead of having to fly down to L. A.,
I'm going out of San Francisco on Korean Airlines.  I'll be home on the 14th
when two of my dearest forensic colleagues and friends - two fellow queens -
will be here overnight - and I'll get to be with them.  We've traveled often
together and I've so much missed being with them the last few years.  What
a gift to have them in San Francisco and to see them.

Secondly, I'll be here when my beloved friends, jazz singer, Sony Holland,
and her husband, songwriter and guitar virtuoso, play two days at the
Rrazz Room in San Francisco.  I was so sad to be missing them.  My
suitcase is packed with their CDs to give to my Indian friends as gifts.

I will be leaving AFTER Thanksgiving so I'm hoping to spend that up in
West Sacramento with my son, Alex, his beautiful wife, Laura, and my two
sweet granddogs.  Laura's probably working ( she is a paramedic ) but I'm
sure I can manage to cook something for the occasion.

December 1st, I'll board my Korean Airlines flight for Mumbai...and, best of
all, I will do my Korean stopover on the return, rather than as I'd originally
planned, NOT in December, when it would be icy cold and a bit difficult for
me with my walker!  I'm going to stop five days in Korea, rather than two
and I'll get my wish to visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Kyongju!  I
plan to spend two days there and three in Seoul. 

I will only have four months in India but I know my dear friends will help
me make the most of my time there.  I will start getting REALLY excited as
soon as I can bid farewell to this house and head for the airport and my first
international flight since my 65th birthday journey to Europe. 

If I could only get these damn fever blisters cleared up....I might find a frog
I want to kiss!

My new itineary is as follows:

Korean Air KE24 San Fran (SFO) Thu, Dec 1 11:35am Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN)  Fri, Dec 2 5:35pm

Korean Air KE655 Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN) Fri, Dec 2 8:20 pm Mumbai, India (BOM)
     Sat, Dec 3 2:15 am

Korean Air KE656 Mumbai, India (BOM) Thu, Apr 5 4:15 am Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN)
     Thu, Apr 5 3:00 pm

Korean Air KE19 Seoul, Korea (ROK) (ICN) Tue, Apr 10 6:00 pm Seattle, WA (SEA)
     Tue, Apr 10 12:30 pm

Alaska Airlines AS316  Seattle, WA (SEA) Tue, Apr 10  2:55 pm San Francisco (SFO)
     Tue, Apr 10  5:03 pm W


  1. You finally managed to have some more days to know Korea! The trip still looks amazing.

  2. Carmen, maybe it's all a blessing in disguise. It sounds like the new itinerary suits you far better. I'm glad you can see the positives.

  3. wow you have quite the adventure ahead of you! sounds like you will be having lots of fun along the way though...

  4. I think this plan sounds very good, and you'll get to do lots of things you want to do.

  5. Carmen if I realized you were leaving this late I would have tried to connect witb you when I was in SF a week or so ago! I thought you were well on your way. In any event this itinerary sounds great and I know how excited you are to be on your way soon. Happy and safe travels!

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