Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Flower and a Bee - September 17, 2011

As always, I am delighted when I participate in
Pink Saturday, a wonderful meme with all kinds
of lovely entries.  Add yours now!


  1. Well, Carmen, thanks for coming by today, sugar. What a story you have to tell. I hope your trip to India goes well. I have a friend who goes once a year to India to help with physical therapy. He and his wife just love it there. I am NOT a traveler though and wish to just stay home.


  2. Lovely photos, as usual. So bright and warm!
    We are cool and cloudy today.

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Cheers Camen -- On a bright sunny day with camera in hand, I was first drawn to the light of 200 greens
    of foliage, leaves and stems,
    then the buzzin of the bee attracted me,
    but I got him
    smack in the middle of capital yellow
    sunk in transparent pink
    in the 200 greens with my cam
    in hand on a bright sunny day.

  4. That flower looks positively fluorescent.

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I hope that you have a wonderful time in India - what an adventure!

  6. What a gorgeous shot and with some fantastic details. Love the bee :)

  7. Great when you see natture so close.

  8. Beautiful photography. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Thanks for you visit and nice comments. Have a great week. Ginger

  9. The pink flowers are always happy looking to me. What a gorgeous shade.

  10. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Such a happy picture...sucking the last bit out of Summer, that's what I see when I look at this photo.
    Thanks for you comments, you should totally paint a fence pink... and soon

  11. So pretty! It looks lie a dahlia to me.

  12. Connie -
    It is so nice to have you stop by. How good of your friends to go to India to do physical therapy. I was only there once - and only for a week - fourteen years ago. I know, at 67,and using a walker now, it will be a bit harder to get about but I hope I can bring enough wonderful memories home to sustain me the rest of my life!

    manyslices -
    Well, a pink fence sounds like a lovely idea...but, in reality, I go more for bright yellow. It's always been my favorite color!

    Sheilia @ A Postcard a Day -
    I didn't think it was a dahlia as I know them...but I suppose there are all types. It just dawned on me, Sheila, I don't have your address and I MUST send you postcards from India!

    Kat_RN -
    It must be a lovely time of year now in North Carolina. I just love your Southern plantation home. When I was young, I always dreamed of having just such a place...that was, until I was 18 and saw San Francisco for the first time. Then, all I wanted to do was move here!

    Terri -
    Those bees are always fun to photograph though they often give us a merry chase.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    It is a lovely pink flower...I always love it when my photographs turn out well.

    Holly -
    I, too, hope India will live up to my dreams. Sometimes, I feel a bit nervous about undertaking such an adventure at my age but, then, I think it is good to have one grand finale!!!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    I think you're the bee queen and I could learn a few things from you!

    King of New York Hacks -
    Sometimes I'm so busy with face in the viewfinder, I'm afraid I'm going to get stung!

    Indrani -
    I always am happy when you've been by to visit...glad you liked my pink flower with its bee.

    SavannahGranny -
    I'm originally from Columbus, Georgia. When I was a teenager, we used to participate in judo tournaments in Savannah. Sadly, as an adult, I never got back to visit Savannah though I've been to Charleston several times. I do love that part of the South!

    Self Sagacity -
    I thought this pink was especially pretty. I am sad to think that I'll probably take off to India without ever getting to meet you!!! It may have to be postponed till my return!

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