Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E is for Eleuthera - Alphabe - Thursday


E is for Eleuthera

When you mention the Bahamas to most people, they immediately think of Nassau which they have visited for the day on a three or four day cruise from Miami or Port Canaveral.  They might have taken a ship's tour around New Providence and gone over to Paradise Island for a visit to the Atlantis Hotel to see its aquarium and to do a little gambling.  When asked about the other islands of the Bahamas, they seldom can name any.  While Nassau and Paradise Island have their lures, I fell in love with the island of Eleuthera during a four day visit over twenty years ago and have wanted to return ever since.

For a number of years in my past, I was actively involved in the northern California chapter of the Caribbean Tourism Organization.  Most of my travel involved trips to that part of the world and I always attended their annual conference which was usually held on one of their larger islands, capable of accomodating the larger numbers, tourism heads, and ministries that attended such events.  One year, the conference was held in Nassau.  Our San Francisco group had a wonderful time and we met a representative from the Windemere Island Club in Eleuthera.  He issued an invitation to us and to our local Bahamian representative to visit and, with a little help from our friends at American Airlines, that trip became a reality.  For a ridiiculously small fee, our group of ten headed to the Bahamas, via Miami, flying first class.  From there, we took a small plane into Governor's Harbor Airport where a driver picked us up to take us to Windermere Island, only five miles long.  Our driver told us that this island was a mecca for the rich and famous, even royalty, most of whom had villas at Windermere (  even with its remote location, Diana, Princess of Wales, pregnant, was not able to escape the paparazzi when sunning at Savannah Sound ).  During our stay, we were housed at two of the villas which were available for rentals.

We spent our days in total relaxation, enjoying its five-mile long beach which Jacques-Yves Cousteau ( who had a home on Windermere ) considered to be one of the two most beautiful in the world.  The beach, protected by a five-mile long reef is a haven for fish and underwater flora and is a snorkeler's paradise.  There was a sense of time at a standstill.

We often crossed the bridge to the island of Eleuthera to enjoy its white and pink sand beaches.  We went from one end of the island - a hundred and ten miles long - to the other and laughed at it width, only a little over a mile!  We feasted on Bahamian cuisine - my favorite, conch of every single kind from raw, to conch salad, in fritters, conch chowder, cracked conch, 
rock lobster, fried fish, pigeon peas and rice, and guava duff, the most incredible dessert.  Of course, fabulous rum concoctions such as the famed "Bahama Mama" and "Goombay Smash"
were always on the menu.  At night, there were casual venues with fun Bahamian music most of it with African roots, stemming from junkanoo, calypso and soca.

If you're constantly obsessed with the internet, cell phones and a fast paced way of life, Eleuthera might not be the place for you.  If you REALLY want to escape from the world for a few days and would like to be in a paradise with someone you love and rediscover what is important in life, Eleuthera is the place for you!
 House, photo credit by Alain76

 Snail meal, photo credit mfrascella

Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island, Photo Credit New Jersey Birds

Island resident, photo credit by teddyb

Man's sad presence in paradise, photo credit mfrascella


  1. Sounds just up my ally at the moment. Mmm, dreaming of how relaxing sipping cocktails on my beach chair would be right now.

  2. I love the Caribbean! I haven't figured out why anyone from this side of the country flies all the way to Hawaii when the Caribbean is right here!

    Beautiful pics on this snowy, snowy day!

  3. May not be as beautiful, but Dwarka Beach in India looks similar!

  4. Carmen, I love your post about traveling to places that I can only dream. Feel like I was with you the whole time..

    You must be in Georgia, take care!

  5. Wonderful E post..Through this series, I've learned quite a few far-away land that you've traveled..

  6. wow...what a beautiful place. I have never been to the bahamas...but it seems that it needs to go on the list!

  7. Definitely my kind of place. Lack of electronic gadgets is very appealing when I'm on vacation. Beautiful photos, the sky is incredible. Kathy

  8. i love the pics - feels a bit like being there :D

  9. Sounds like vacation bliss! The pictures are beautiful.

  10. Hi, good pics, so sad people have to spoil it with rubbish

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  13. Beautiful pictures of Paradise!!

  14. Oh my. I really adore your posts. They are informative and beautiful and E ngaging and E xciting!

    This looks like a beautiful place.

    I would love to go there someday!


    (and thinking warm thoughts of you and your Mom)

  15. Beautiful...well, except the last one...and really it, too, is beautiful in its own way! Thanks for taking us along with you today!

  16. Such beautiful photos. I'm fortunate to live on a tropical island in the Philippines, too, the beach is a half hour away. I really like the picture with the dog.

  17. Thank you for always stopping by for a read and your kind words :)

    Someday I hope to be able to say I've done even a portion of the travels you have!

  18. I never heard of Eleuthera, Carmen. It looks like a perfect Caribbean hide away spot to relax and enjoy the crystal blue waters and soft sand.

    It is sad that pollution is so prevalent in the oceans. That exhibit told all!

    Nice post!

  19. Oh oh ..I'm not sure the comment I just left went through Carmen?

    I thought this island was a very beautiful spot! The seclusion of it makes it even more desirable :-) Nice post!

  20. Yes I could write there!

  21. Oh, absolutely beautiful. I love your info filled post. I had never even heard of Eleuthera!

  22. Thank you for taking us all on such a pleasant visit.
    Here, there is a foot and a half of snow outside and I am running out of groceries... I made homemade waffles and hot chocolate for the chldren and sent them to bed. The noise has finally died down.
    It is always a pleasure to read your texts Carmen. You describe the right details so well, that we can feel the wind in our faces and taste all that delicious food that you once had.
    Best wishes
    By the way, it as you who got me started with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday. Thank you!!

  23. What a fun post. That last photo reminded me of a museum that I went to last winter that consisted solely of things the man had collected off of the beaches on that particular island. It was amazing, and insane!

  24. it sounds and looks just beautiful....I am not a big Nassau fan....this is way more up my alley.....Maybe someday, lucky you! melinda

  25. Liss -
    Are you snowbound? Can't remember where you live...if so, I'm sure Eleuthera sounds good!

    Karen -
    Well, from CA, Hawaii is only a five hour flight and it is very lovely and not usually so hot since there are tradewinds blowing much of the time. I do, also, love the Caribbean but from San Francisco to San Juan, it's at least nine hours, plus connecting time and, if you're going on to someplace like Barbados, you might add another three hours with a connection.

    Bhavesh Chhatbar -
    I never made it to any Indian beaches but I know many of them are quite lovely. If I get back to your wonderful country, I hope to get to see more of it and Goa will be one of my stops.

    Icy BC -
    I, like you, often travel vicariously! It's a bit more affordable on my present budget.

    Mumsy -
    I love to relive my travels by writing about them!

    Christy -
    I don't feel so positive about all of the Bahamas, believe me - Nassau is not my favorite but Eleuthera is great and I've heard many of the other Out Islands are wonderful.

    mbkatc230 -
    I really loved the peacefulness of this place. One day, we went snorkeling and found a huge conch. One of the group wanted the shell - our host said she could have it but only if we had the conch for dinner. We ate fresh conch salad that night which was the best I ever had, pulled fresh from the ocean by our group.

    laterg8r -
    These photos were all taken by the people to whom I attributed them. I don't know what happened to all my long ago photos of Eleuthera! Makes me sad to have lost them.

    steviewren -
    There are definitely luxury properies on Eleuthera but, if you wan't a hideaway, you'll find it there.

    jaydubblah -
    Of course, it takes humans to mess up such a beautiful place.

    Thanks for the tutorial...we'll see if I get it next Alpha-B.

    Prim2Pink -
    Thanks for visiting my Alpha-B. Eleuthera was a taste of paradise.

    Jenny -
    Thanks for the good thoughts for me and my mom. I am typing this on the intermediate cardiac care unit at St. Francis Hospital - she was admitted yesterday. All is being done for her that can be.

    Carol -
    You're right, the trash collage has its own sort of beauty...but sad that it exists!

    Dave DeWall -
    The dog and the beach was his own private place!!!

    Geeta -
    I expect, when you reach my age, you might have seen quite a bit of the world as well. I only wish I'd discovered India when I was as young as you.

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    I'm not one to sit and lie in the hot sun but I do love beaches and the ocean. I prefer an early morning or evening stroll, then I get out of the hot rays!

    Glynis -
    No doubt you could come up with some beautiful poetry on Eleuthera!

    mub -
    Was that museum on Eleuthera? How very interesting! Isn't that sad? When we were there on annother small island for snorkeling, we were horrified to see all sorts of trash dumped by Carnival Cruise Line, clearly theirs, with labels, such as shampoo and conditioner bottles with their logos, etc.

    Amy -
    Until I went there, I hadn't heard of Eleuthera...there are lots of little islands and cays in that area and in the Caribbean that are pretty remote and not well known.

    Melinda Cornish - like you, Nassau isn't top on my list...there are so many places I prefer.

    Anna -
    I am pleased that you enjoy my writing. It's easy to talk about my travels, makes me feel like I'm there again. I'm glad you joined Alpha-B! Isn't it fun?

  26. I have never heard of this place, so i looked it up ... sure seems beautiful!