Saturday, February 13, 2010

For My Husband at Valentine's

 For My Husband at Valentine's

I looked through rows of greeting cards,
But none of them convey,
The overwhelming sentiments,
In my heart each day.

Each night before I fall asleep,
I look at you and see,
The man I chose so long ago,
Who still means the world to me.

Of course, we have our ups and downs,
And we may even have a fight,
But I always feel a surge of love,
When I touch you in the night.

You may come home tired and weary,
But you find me for a kiss,
Regardless of the day I’ve had,
I feel such a sense of bliss.

You help out with the children,
And can cook a gourmet meal,
And even in your jogging clothes,
You’ve still got sex appeal!

I know that Valentine’s the day,
For chocolates, cards and such,
For me, I'd rather that you know,
You’re ALWAYS loved so very much.

Carmen Henesy

 Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy All rights reserved.

( Please note - this is a work of fiction - I have been happily divorced for over 20 years )



  1. Beautiful sentiment of love, whether you have a husband or not. This shows that you're heart is full of love.

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I will put this deep into my mind.

    A wonderful start into the new week for you.

  3. What a beautiful love poem, Carmen! So sweet..

  4. Lovely poem, good for a greeting card. Do you make your own cards?
    You certainly have something for every occasion!

  5. The love of the couple.
    This may be the most precious existence in the world.
    It may be a door to know oneself.

    You find the gentleness of the person.
    I respect it.

    I pray for happiness in the eternity of your couple.