Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's to My Blogging Family

Happy Valentine's to My Blogging Family

In one short year, my life has changed,
So much is new to me,
I’ve plunged into the blogging world,
With a whole new family!

You’ve helped me learn to navigate,
The realms of cyberspace,
And kept this fledgling novice,
From falling on her face.

I can’t believe I’ve followers,
From lands both far and near,
I’ve learned so much from each of you,
And, sometimes, shed a tear.

At Valentine’s, I think it’s time,
To send my love to you,
It’s great to have such loyal friends,
Who keep me from feeling blue!

Happy Valentine’s Day
to all my blogging buddies!

 Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy All rights reserved.


  1. That was lovely Carmen. I am thrilled to be a blogging friend from Cyprus. Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's to you.

  2. What a wonderful Valentine's Day poem! It speaks warmly of love, of treasured relationships in the blogosphere, of blogging buddies, blog and blogging. I enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Valentine's to you, Carmen.

    P.S. Visiting your blog thru CMF Ads Spikes.

  3. Happy Valentine's day to you Carmen.

  4. what a beautiful poem...just lovely

    and i agree with everything... is a family...aren't we lucky?

    so happy to have met you this year too

    your a dear friend and i look forward to our lunch in March

    Happy Valentines Day, my sweet

    sending love to you


  5. And I'm happy to be part of your blogging family from England. Thanks for all the help you have given me over the months Carmen. And Happy Valentine's day to you. Ann xx

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! I exactly feel the same whatever u feel abt blogging. it has changed my life too within the last 1 year. m very grateful to my God and my blogging friends for giving me a chance to prove my abilities.

  7. Thank u for adding my blog in your blog list :)

  8. Happy Valentine's Day Carment....I do hope you are sharing it with special friends or family.
    ........:-) Hugs

  9. Oooohh Taht is so sweet of you YEs I love you too and all my blogger friends
    Happy Valentine to you! Beautiful woman!


  10. Aw, Carmen- That's pretty cool. Glad we are buddies! I am thinking of doing a poem today too!

  11. Happy Valentine's Day to you, and I thank you too for visiting me..

  12. just found you. hope you had a happy valentines day. sarah

  13. Oh my Carmen, that is absolutely a beautiful poem. Wow. I totally feel honored to be included in this. And, girl, you are a great poetry writer. Really impressive!

  14. Blogging really opens up a whole new world to all of us. Happy valentine's Day to you too.

  15. Lovely! Look at how easy it is to be with you, a perfect hostess, lovely company. When is the next cruise?

  16. Glynis -
    I am so glad to have found a friend and fellow poet in Cyprus.

    Eli @ Business Sphereh -
    I'm happy you stopped by to head my blogging buddy Valentine!

    Shiju Sugunan -
    Happy Valentine's in faraway India. I've loved
    your beautiful photos!

    My Farmhouse Kitchen -
    Our blogging connections are almost like the penpals of my youth - but so much better with the instant connections and photography!! SLO is only a month away!!

    RetiredandCrazy -
    Ann, you were so much in my thoughts today. At least, now, in England, Valentine's is over. A big hug from me. I wish I could have known you when you visited San Francisco!! Or that, in my past visits ( many ) to England, I might have
    been able to stop by for tea.

    Priyanka Bhowmick -
    I enjoy reading the work of a fellow poet and,
    of course, I love your country!

    Bernie -
    You know what a nag Jeremy has been about the treadmill and my diet...his girlfriend is up from Cal Poly for the weekend and they went out for lunch today to the Cheesecake Factory. I nearly fainted when he came home and said "Happy Valentine's, Mom" and handed me a huge slice of Macadamia White Chocolate Cheesecake with whipped cream. Of course, it came with
    a reminder to hop on the treadmill after.

    Dulce -
    Keep writing those beautiful romantic poems that make every day Valentine's day!

    Sharkbytes -
    You have been such a dear blogging friend - a treasure to me!

    Mumsy -
    Hope you have a warm and loving day!

    sarah -
    Valentine's was quiet and peaceful for me. Never left the house!

    Jenny -
    I am so happy you liked my poetry. I've been writing them for 59 years!

    Ratty -
    You've given me an entre into a world I really didn't know. You and Sharkbytes are so wonderful at that! Hope you had lots of hugs and kisses today! Or a nice friendly squirrel or robin waving!

  17. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Carmen. I sure do like it when you come round.

  18. thanks Carmen.....

    this is lovely poem..simple and can say the first one...i understood...joking....but yea..poems aren't my cup of to come here wish if i had some more time everyday....i could have been regular here.......also love you being to my blog and always feel great to see you comments flowing in.......

    Happy St. Valentine's have been a great support ....wishing the best of the world for you....

    you \,,/

  19. Very sweet poem, Carmen! Blogging has brought me many friends too. You're a big part of it! Thank you.

  20. A belated happy Valentine's Day to you, and I want you to know I'm very thankful to have you both as a reader of mine and a friend. :)