Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy 47th Anniversary to my Beloved Friends, Beth and Luther Stanton

Luther was a classmate,
Fifty years ago,
Beth, an underclassman,
Found him a worthy beau.

An Army brat outsider,
I never fit in well,
At Columbus High in Georgia,
I was not a reigning belle.

Luther, then "most handsome,"
( Well, he had a lot more hair ),
Befriended me regardless,
And it just went on from there!

I left home out of high school,
Returning now and then,
And, when I did, I'd always find,
That duo I'd call friend.

Once, they moved to Houston,
Which worked out fine for me,
 I'd see them when I'd spend time there,
To visit my friend, Sandy.

They traveled west occasionally,
And we'd try to rendezvous,
Can't miss an opportunity,
With friends so very true.

Beth and Luther see the world,
And I'm a traveler, too,
Sad we've never gone together,
It's on my bucket list to do!

Beth and Luther were my rocks,
My last months with my mom,
While I coped with her illness,
They were like a soothing balm.

Once a Stanton loves you,
You're embraced by all the clan,
So I acquired extended family,
When this relationship began.

From gatherings to eat at Country's,
To a fattening catfish meal, 
To one of Beth's five star breakfasts,
Which has the most appeal!

I haven't any shred of doubt,
This marriage was meant to be,
The Divine Wedding Planner,
For all time, did so decree!

Forty seven years of love,
Seen in their happy smiles,
I send you my best wishes,
Far across the miles!

And, no, my good friend, Luther,
No money comes from me,
You'll get your share, Beth, will, too,
When I win the lottery!

Carmen Henesy

copyright Carmen Henesy July 1, 2014


  1. Nice tribute- they have a lot of years there!

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