Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mumbai Monsoon - July 31, 2014

Morning skies as gray as slate,
No sunbeams peeking through,
Palm fronds wafting in the breeze,
For what will soon ensue.

The heavens gush in torrents,
Sheets of rain fall to the earth,
Birds cling to any shelter,
They hold for all they're worth.

Strong rivulets of water,
Swirl in overflowing streets,
Tarps loosen from their moorings,
Tin roofs feel the steady beats.

Drains clog and roadways flood,
Umbrellas sail like kites unfurled,
Annoying but much needed,
Is this watery monsoon world.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright July 31, 2014 by Carmen Henesy


  1. It must be really coming down- rain doesn't usually show up very well in photos.

  2. I do hope you get some respite.

  3. I thought of sending you an email through the sunbeam.

    It never happens.

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