Friday, October 22, 2010

Camera Critters - Lady & Chestnut - October 23, 2010

Camera Critters - Lady & Chestnut - October 23, 2010

I stayed at the home of my classmate, and beloved friend,  Martha Genin, during my
five day visit to New Orleans recently.  "Meaux", as I call her, has two cocker spaniels
in residence.  The oldest, Chestnut is nearly twelve-years-old and, Lady, is a younger
dog, belonging to her daughter, Aimee.  I, of course, couldn't resist taking pictures of

Chestnut, who is a senior citizen, spends a good bit of her time in bed

What a sweet face Chestnut has!

Lady's favorite spot is on the corner of the sofa

From her vantage spot

It's short but it wags like crazy!

Lady, lying down

I am participating in today's Camera Critters meme.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    They are just adorable. :) Thanks for sharing those cuties with us :)

  2. Hi Carmen! Beautiful dogs! But being twelve years old, someone is going to be sad in a few years time... :-(

    Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu... ;)
    Blogtrotter Two is still in Algiers... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  3. Aren't they beautiful? I often wonder if our Lindy has some Golden Cocker in her ancestry because she has curly hair and a fairly short muzzle.
    So glad you had a good time in New Orleans, Carmen.

    Kay, Alberta

  4. Gorgeous cuties you have. My husband used to have a dog named Lady.

  5. Adorable dogs! And yes, they have a short life compared to humans, but the important thing is that we share unforgettable years with them.

    Greetings to you, Chestnut and Lady from me and my dogs, Alex & Lily

  6. Hi :))
    amo queste foto dei tuoi cani... sono così dolci !
    Buona serata :)

  7. they're both so sweet!!
    and they pose so nicely

  8. The golden coat of hair.
    His eyes are very pretty. . .

    Thank you.

  9. I LOVE these pics. I have a Cocker Spaniel too and she's adorable.

  10. The dog looks sad. and bored maybe it needs to go out hehe nice shot

  11. A childhood friend had a Cocker named Buffy. They were a very popular breed in the 1950s.

  12. Truly adorable captures.


    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  14. so adorable.....
    do bring them over to Pet Pride

  15. They look like sweet dogs.

  16. They are so cute but I would trip over them as they are camouflaged on the floor.

  17. cutie doggie, so behaved!

  18. Carmen, the quality of these photos is so "YOU"...

    I believe you could make a pile a manure alluring in a photo--grin!

    Steve E

    PS I do not believe dogs think their life is "short"...

  19. I like Cocker Spaniel since they look so sweet! Your pictures make we want to get one, but I should really have a reality check..

  20. Very appealing little dogs.

  21. Really lovely doggies!

  22. That stubby little tail picture is extra cute.

  23. I was looking back on this blog and I see that I did not respond to any of the comments - please forgive me as there were so many of you who responded to the cute little cockers!

    Thom -
    Chestnut and Lady are, indeed, cute and so sweet. I loved being around them.

    Trotter -
    Ypu are right, I'm afraid Chestnut is near the end of her life. She has a hard time now, with her arthritis, just moving about. Meaux says she just doesn't want another dog when she dies.

    Kay L.Davies -
    I think your Lindy does look like she could have some Cocker in her...and some Golden Retriever, as well.

    Jingle -
    I never got tired of looking at these sweet dogs during my New Orleans visit.

    Nikki-Ann -
    These were the first Cockers I'd ever been around. They had such nice personalities.

    chubskulit -
    These aren't my dogs. Unfortunately, my landlady won't let us have pets and, with all my travels, it was probably for the best. I guess that's why I go nuts when I visit family and friends with dogs.

    Müge -
    You are so lucky to have your own dogs...I have to enjoy them when I visit folks who have them.

    Rosadimaggio63 -
    I'm so glad you liked the photos of my best friend's dogs. I enjoyed my visit with them. They were most loveable and welcoming.

    ruma-san -
    These cocker spaniels were so dear. They weren't at all standoffish with me so I thoroughly enjoyed their company during my visit.

    KB -
    I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures. Since you have a cocker yourself, you know what sweet dogs they are.

    ☆♥Shydub♥☆ -
    I definitely think Chestnut is sad - I think she is in pain with her arthritis and her loss of mobility. She gets medication but it doesn't seem to allow her to get about as it did when she was younger.

    Sharkbytes -
    Other than my friend in New Orleans, I don't know anyone else who has a Cocker Spaniel!

    Indrani -
    It's easy to get good pictures when you have such cute subjects. Do you see this breed in India?

    Jingle -
    I have to get over to claim these two awards. Thank you so much.

    magiceye -
    Better late than never. I just got around to bringing the blog about Chestnut and Lady to Pet Pride.

    Anna -
    They are very loving, gentle dogs. I enjoyed having time with them. I've hated,as a renter, not being able to have a pet because I love dogs. Cats, unfortunately, make me break out in a rash though I like them.

    diane -
    I am such a klutz, I would fall over them, regardless of their color!

    Ayie -
    These dogs were really well mannered and so nice to visit.

    steveroni -
    You are so hysterical and I doubt that I'd have any luck making manure look good. If I have the chance, though, I'll give it my best shot!!

    Icy BC -
    I've always wanted a big dog - I once had a collie that I got as a puppy. I just loved him but I had to move out of my apartment and I had a whole series of problems because I gave in to the urge to own a dog. He was wonderful, though. I did give my husband custody when I moved to San Francisco.

    jsbbloh -
    Aren't they the cutest little dogs?

    Silvia K. -
    Glad you like the cocker spaniel pictures. They really did turn out well.

    secret agent woman -
    I got such a kick out of Lady wagging her tail a mile a minute. It could have cooled the house if it were longer.

    Ruthi -
    They are really cute, for sure.

  24. Such adorable dogs! Great shots!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  25. Chestnut is sweet and Lady, cute.

  26. You are so cute !!!!

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