Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Blogaversary Winner!! October 6, 2010

My Blogaversary Winner!! -  October 6, 2010

I apologize to everyone for not announcing the winner the day following my birthday.
As you know, I had so many good things happening that I got behind on tallying all the
comments and taking care of business.  There were 275 eligible commenters in the
drawing ( you had to be a follower of my blog to be included ). I did not do the random
thing...I am just not that competent.  What I did took a lot longer, I'm afraid.  I printed
each day's commenters on a list, then cut up the entries, then folded them and put them
in a huge sealed plastic container.  When I went out to get gas today, I asked the
attendant to draw one name ( I am sure he questioned my sanity ).  The winner of the
"big three" is Kay L. Davis.  She is a Canadian whose blog you may follow -
"an unfittie's guide to adventurous travel!"  Check it out! I'll be sending Kay the following -

Fifty Dollars

The most recent CD of my favorite jazz singer, Sony Holland

A copy of my poetry book

After I got home today, I had a friend pull two more names for a copy of "Life's Journey,"
my poetry book.  The winners are rainfield61 whose blog, "My Journey" is at and clean and crazy whose blog, "My Recovery," is at  Check them both out - they are wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my blogaversary giveaway and who posted
during this time period,  I appreciate all of you who have become followers in the past
year and who have crossed my path at some time or other.  In the 20 months since my
job ended, you all have been a life line for me and have given so much to me.  I hope
I'll still be here with you next year at this time!!


  1. This is wonderful, Carmen. The last time I ever won anything was $50 on a lottery ticket on my 30-somethingth birthday, has to be 30-some years ago now, LOL.
    What a charming and delightful idea, giving one of your blog-followers a gift (multiple gifts, I should say) on your blogaversary.
    I appreciate all the work you put into the drawing, and think it's super you had a completely unbiased gas station attendant do the actual draw.
    -- Kay, Alberta (the original unfittie)

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Congrats to Kay. Way go. I love how you drew name. :) Excellent :)

  3. These are wonderful gifts Carmen, so generous of you. Congratulations on the winners.