Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Shock Sunday: A Halloween Special - Haunted Pumpkins - October 31, 2010

One Shock Sunday:  A Halloween Special - Haunted Pumpkins - October 31, 2010

For many months they grew,
On hills above the sea,
Kissed by morning fog,
Awaiting destiny.

At night, when all lay sleeping,
Evil spirits walked the rows,
And picked out certain pumpkins,
Made note of by black crows.

Instead of fertilizer,
The birds made sure each day,
That a ghastly preparation,
Was added to their spray.

As Halloween approached,
Those pumpkins, prized by all,
Were the first bought by the public,
The biggest and the small.

They went to towns all over,
The San Francisco Bay,
For thousands came from everywhere,
To celebrate that day.

No one ever knew,
That for one hundred souls,
Tragedy would befall them,
The spirits had to meet their goals.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c)  Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved


  1. Oooh, very scary, Carmen. Glad I'm not one of the 100. I'm too far away!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Wow, a ghastly preparation that echoes the notion buyer beware. Cool poem. Happy Halloween! Nice work.

  3. oh i liked your kissed by morning fog pumpkins...lovely

  4. another chilling delight....happy halloween

  5. Oooh spooky plantings in the pumpkins..I like it all. Nice image of the coast. Lovely halloween treat. Thanks. Gay

  6. Cheers Carmen- Happy Halloween and keep haunting!

  7. All our pumpkins come from Lincolnshire, apparently!
    Love your images and a lovely poem to go with them.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Love that black one- very creepy

  9. so smart and haunting piece.
    creepy and cute at the same time.

  10. Oh my goodness, you are a queen of poetry, Carmen, you send chill down my spine!

  11. A different way to look at pumpkins! No wonder why I never bought any.