Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pictures of my soon-to-be-married son, Alexander ( May 7th ) & some of lovely Laura

Besides writing a poem to read at the reception on Friday, my other task was to do a poster board of photos of both Alex and Laura, at various stages of their lives for display on the big day.  Some people actually show videos or slides but I am not that talented.  It has made me feel a bit nostalgic, looking back at my towering son, now 6'4" - he's grown quite a bit from his original 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches in length!  Sadly, some of our family pictures were ruined when stored downstairs in my Pacifica house which developed mold and caused everything to turn black and stick together.

Some of these you may have seen in my blog posts before but here are some new ones as well.  They all brought back so many memories.  Sometimes, I wish I could roll back the years and hold that sweet baby in my arms again. 

Alex, 4 days old

I used to work in the operating room at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco where Alex was born.  I got there fairly early on the Friday of August 27th, the day of his birth and, since my contractions were still eight minutes apart, my obstetrician let me go across the street to visit my friends in the O.R., admonishing me to be back when they were five minutes apart.  Well, people kept coming up on their breaks and, next thing I knew, my contractions were four  minutes apart.  By the time we got an elevator, got back across the street and up the elevator to labor and delivery, I was pretty uncomfortable.  When the nurse checked me, Alex's head was already showing.  "Wait a minute", I said, "where's my epidural"?  Too late - I didn't get it till after he was out!  All 8lbs, 9 ozs of him!  And he had this headful of hair, sticking out in every direction!  For this photo, I had to try to tame it with water.

Alex, in his baptismal outfit
Alex at 3 months

Laura was a really cute, baby, too!

Alex in the 2nd grade, 7 years old

Carmen and the testosterone trio, salvaged from the mold

Alex at 10

Alex and Jeremy after our trip to Hawaii

Laura is getting more beautiful

Jeremy and Alex at judo

Terra Nova football, offense and defense, #78, Fall 1999

Class of 2000, Terra Nova High School, Pacifica, CA

How about this firefighter!!

Freshman year at U. C. Davis

Happy to be playing football again!  American River College defense - undefeated season!

They look pretty happy!

At American River College

Left to right, Jeremy ( curly ), Shawn and Alex
aka The Testosterone Trio


  1. And what a handsome trio, they are!! Best wishes to the happy couple!! xx

  2. Beautiful family! My favorite is of you and the little boys, it is charming!
    With the beautiful Laura and handsome Alex may you have darling grandchildren.Blessings, Joan

  3. Congratulations!!
    Your son has a lot of your features.

    He is very handsome.
    It is the filial piety son.

  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    i love the progression of pictures. very handsome boys you have.

  5. Carmen, fantastic photos. Alex holding that football? Too much for me to take this early in the morning. The heart is fluttering. What a great montage.' I noticed the other day how much Jeremy and Alex look alike. When I saw him walking to the car I almost thought it was Alex. They are all HOT!

  6. What a charming family, Carmen! I hope you will have time to work on your book after the wedding, I'm eagerly waiting for it, and I want to order it together with Joanne's book. But of course I know this is a special week for you, it is time to enjoy it. Congratulations to you and your sons!

  7. congratulations to the lovely couple!!

  8. I know how you feel putting together a walk down memory lane for the wedding. It hardly seems like yesterday that they were sweet little babies. I hope everything goes smoothly for the rest of the week! Congratulations on all the sweet memories your family will be making this weekend!

  9. Oh, thanks so much for sharing these!!! What a great shot that last one is...hard to tell who's the most handsome...way to go Carmen!

  10. Hi Carmen! Cngrats!!
    Now I see why you've been absent... ;)

    What about Ephesus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

  11. Oh, I love old photos and this images will be a big hit on the day. They don't not need a fancy slide show to be displayed, the photos speak for themselves.

    I wish Alex and Laura all the best for their wedding day.

  12. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Where did you find these good looking people. Congratulations on the wedding....finally a girl in your family.


    Happy May,
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. Have a wonderful day together, congratulations to both families. Thanks for sharing those lovely photographs.

  15. Congrats Carmen. They grew up to be so handsome! Thanks for sharing. Wonderful viewing and reading.