Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brown Shoes, Magpie Tale #16, 5-29-10

Brown Shoes

Miss Annie knew most folks in town,
As she strolled about in shoes of brown,
Her hair pinned up in a heavy braid,
By afternoon, it never stayed.

She visited families, in greatest need,
Those with too many mouths to feed,
She got them food stamps and housing, too,
The usual things social workers do.

She always had a kind thing to say,
Even on the coldest, wintery day,
Her case load numbers were very high,
But she saw each one, never batting an eye.

Her trademark brown suit was known to all,
She always wore it when she came to call,
Her matching brown satchel, overflowed,
Full of goodies which she bestowed.

One day, her heart could beat no more,
A neighbor found her on the floor,
Clad in her suit, with a smile so sweet,
The worn brown shoes, near her feet.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

I am participating in Willow's Magpie Tales, a wonderful creative writing meme. Come join us!


  1. A sad ending,
    But very beautiful tale.
    I like the poetic rhymes a lot.
    Happy Magpie Tale Telling!

  2. Perfect Magpie and great take on these brown shoes! You brought her to life ... all too soon to lose her.

  3. sad end indeed... but so beautitiful a story... it reminds me evey single perosn is a world in themselves... unique.

  4. a very lovely tale that glued me to witness a sad ending, but am sure she had lived a life of wonder and happiness with her brown shoes. I really love your poem, Carmen.

  5. Lonely shoes. So she was a social worker who tended to ther needs of so many but died alone. Sad, sad tale well told as only poetry can.

  6. A nicely written poem/story. A sad ending, though.

  7. A very sad ending to this story. I feel the loss of this woman as if I knew her. I know that because she still had a smile on her face means that she lived a full life, but the sadness is for the loss of this wonderful character.

  8. oh, but i think its not sad...its like having a friend with you when that time comes...smiles. nice magpie.

  9. Wonderful poem about Miss Annie! There is not many more like her..

  10. Lovely tale.

    (Congrats on your book, Carmen! You go girl!)

  11. Not sad-she lived a wonderful life helping others- and smiling all the while. Who was helped more-the folks on town or Miss Annie?
    A lovely Magpie.

  12. lovely but a little sad

  13. how beautiful. and congratulations on your book! that´s fantastic news!!!

  14. oh how sad
    but i liked it

  15. What a lovely tribute to those that 'contribute' in this world.