Friday, May 28, 2010



Each time you scream in anger,
And send me hurling to the floor,
I tell myself I’m leaving,
And this won’t happen anymore.

Resolve fades with the daylight,
And the brightly streaming sun,
Then you kiss me gently,
And I know that you have won.

What makes me stay beside you?
You, the cause of so much pain?
Mea culpa, mea culpa,
Is your insincere refrain!

One day, you’ll find me gone,
For this is not a decent life,
Filled with worthless apology,
And never ending strife.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful words !!I loved the intensity of words !Great post !!

  2. Carmen, whether sane or Nsane, I certainly hope this was not about you, but in any case it would be history by now. You express so well, what way too many Peeps experience in their daily going and coming. I see them with regularity in recovery groups.


  3. I know this type of abuse well..Yes, we always come back after the storm, and another one comes soon after. You've described the situation for all in so many ways.

  4. Hope you are not in strife with anyone. Life is too short.
    The poem itself was lovely.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. All is never ending.
    The life is samsara...

    It is the delight.
    It is the distress at the same time...


  6. Your poetry has snagged my interest. Very well stated and best wishes for your book--congrats.

  7. I can comprehend! What does mea culpa mean?

  8. Anonymous4:41 PM

    A deep bow in respect of your writing !

    daily athens

  9. That was very powerful Carmen.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my post about my late friend, Mrs. Smith. I really appreciate it. My heart aches for your Mom and you. My mother-in-law was in the same sad situation. What a terrible disease. Thank god she's in a good living situation with meaningful care. My prayers are with you both.