Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Neptune's Wrath - Magpie Tale - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Neptune's Wrath - Magpie Tale - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woe is me, forever doomed,
To swim within this sphere,
You wonder how a mighty shark,
Ended up swimming here!

I guess I got too impudent,
When Neptune crossed my path,
I flirted with his mermaids,
And incurred his mighty wrath!

He conjured up a typhoon,
And flung me from the sea,
And a little angel fish,
Is what I came to be.

I float among these hands,
That have a phallic touch,
And I have to be most careful,
For they reach out and clutch.

It's a miserable existence,
Where I'm always on display,
A once ferocious shark,
Who, on other fish, would prey!

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy

All rights reserved

I am participating in Willow's Magpie Tales, a wonderful creative writing meme. Come join us!


  1. This is a magical poem ... thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. You conjured up such a wonderful story,
    and I now feel sorry for the once ferocious shark!
    Maybe there will be a sequel, with a happy end? ;-)

  3. Oh, that was so inventive! Just loved it.

  4. I love this. Your word play is delightful. Poor, mighty shark!

  5. What a delightful and delicious fantasy poem. It flowed like crystal clean water from a babbling brook.


  6. You made me smile with the pacing of your poem. So lyrically pulling me along.

    Poor castrated sharkie!

  7. Hi, Carmen, I can't imagine you living within that sphere, with the whole world waiting for you out there! I hope you will have sweet dreams these days, before the wedding. You need a good sleep to shine when the Big Day arrives, and look pretty — but just the necessary: let the bride think she's the prettiest one!

  8. Wonderful words, so creative.

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    mine is here,
    thank you for reading it.
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. I especially like "these hands, That have a phallic touch,
    And I have to be most careful, For they reach out and clutch."

    They do look like hands!

  11. A poem were the shark is the victim...interesting. Cute :)

  12. Carmen, that is a wonder! Great work!

  13. Hey, I went for the shark motif, too, in a way. Check it out.

  14. Dear Carmen: Love the shark's metamorphosis into an Angel fish! The meter is well timed and most sublime! Very imaginative take on the prompt. Once a shark always a shark; Neptune's in for a big surprise! Fun read! Had a real belly laugh (actually couldnt stop laughing!) F-U-N-N-Y!!!

  15. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Ah, an angel with a devil inside! I like that!

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    Meme participation awards,
    Happy Sunday!