Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monsoon Merriment - August 24, 2012

At long last, Jaipur had a torrential downpour which lasted all night and
well into the next day.  School was cancelled and my landlady had her 
two grandsons to watch over. I was at my computer, enjoying the 
downpour on the roof, listening to the happy screaming of little Vishu,
who often sits patiently with me as we search the skies for returning 
peacocks.  Today, however, fully clad, he was splashing joyfully in the 
huge puddles created by the rain.  Since there was a great "swimming 
hole" right in front of my room and I could take photos from the dry comfort 
of my porch, I called him over.  He was most obliging and I got some delightful 

Whenever I have my camera out around Vishu, he has to perform Hindu dances
for me.  He is such a character ...AND he is a pretty good dancer, wet or dry!

When he didn't have a toy boat available, Vishu was very creative and put
his shoes to good use!

Sadly, that night, Jaipur experienced massive rainfall which caused the worst
flooding since 1968 and several lives were lost.  Even with this amount of rain,
the late beginning of monsoon, has not been of much benefit to farmers who
needed water for their crops much earlier in the growing season.  However, for
animals who were dying of thirst, this brought some relief.


  1. Wonderful shots.
    That castle looks like a toy model, so perfect.

    I do not look at all like the boy in front of your window, except I sure got just that wet in my rides the past few days. back home tonight, in Naples, FL, but tonight I know I'll be dreaming of "Ri-i-iding in the Rain"! Happy again, etc.
    PEACE! Carmen

    1. Steve, it is always so good to see you here. Having lived two years in Tampa, as a young Air Force wife at McDill, I well know about Florida's rains. I'm glad you're home safe and sound and dry.

      This young man had a wonderful time that day. He's a delight during my Jaipur stay.

  2. What if I am Vishu....

  3. WOW the rain, so beautiful and dangerous at the same time, as only Mother Nature can do... Rsane, so glad to be back and reas you agian
    Hugs my dear friend
    And keep enjoying your life in India!

  4. great shots. I used to love playing in the rain when I was little too. Growing up in the Philippines is pretty much like in India. And yes, we had flood too.

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    oh ! Energy felt around must be amazing. Hasn't rained here since about Easter. Sad to read about the strength and result of that much rain though. Please be you all safe and have a good weekend.

  6. Good to know that Jaipur had some rains. We are also having heavy rains - a bit late. Your photos are full of joy.

  7. He is quite a handsome lad, and such fun photos to see. It brings back memory when we were kids and just danced in the rain..

    Hopefully, the monsoon balanced out so to avoid much devastation..

    Hope also that you're ding well!

  8. A kid and water from a natural source. It's a perfect match!

  9. There was a drought here too all summer, so the rain looked every bit as beautiful to us when we saw it again. Thankfully we didn't have that much.

  10. Happy pictures!
    Much needed rains indeed!

  11. WOW! Beautiful pictures.

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