Monday, August 27, 2012

Thirty, Where Have the Years Gone? - August 27, 2012

"Come on", I told my husband.  "It's time to go to the hospital.  Where are
my slippers?  Come to think of it, where are my feet?" I couldn't see them 
over my protruding abdomen, wishing then that I had listened to my
obstetrician's constant reminders to curtail my food intake.  I did manage to
deliver this fine young man, without anesthesia of any kind, nearly nine
pounds of him, and I now outweigh him by 45 pounds - in spite of taking 
off nearly 35 pounds during my India stays.

Since my computer crash destroyed my huge supply of photographs, I am
posting only two shots of Alex, taken from two previous blogs which you can
see at these links.  One is his baptismal photo:

Here you can't see his hair, held down by the the strongest gel made.  He had
a cowlick you wouldn't believe!

The other picture is on his wedding day to the lovely Laura Winterhalter.  It has
been wonderful having her in our testosterone laden family of males.  Not only
is she a beauty, she is as nice as can be.

I am blessed to have Alex and it saddens me that I have spent less time with
him than any of my other boys.  He moved to the Sacramento area right out of
high school to start school at UC Davis, then switched to American River 
College.  He has been collecting credits ever since as he tries to decide just
what he wants to do with his life.  First, he got started out in some kind of 
opthamological engineering ( I think that's what it was ) at UC Davis, then 
switched to ARC and got his AA in fire technology.  Next, he told me he thought
he wanted a degree in chemistry, now, after taking a couple of economics
classes this summer, he thinks he might do a double major in math and econ.
Well, whatever...I would just like to see him graduate - but he pays his own
way, he and Laura bought their home, and, more times than a few, he's loaned
me money when I needed it.  He's a smart, kind, loving young man and I am
so proud of him.  He's learned to do a good job of cooking the turkey at 
Thanksgiving and he's been my champion on many occasions.

I've said it all before in my previous blogs so this time, I'll just keep it short and
say, "Happy birthday, Alex, I love you and I am so proud of you.  As I used to 
embarrass the heck out of you yelling at your football games, KEEP PUSHING!"


  1. Happy Birthday to a man who was such a small boy so many years ago.

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Everything thinkable good for him and many Happy Birthday wishes as well. May time and life continue to treat him kind.

  3. oh, he is such a good looking young man Carmen, happy birthday to him.

  4. You are blessed, indeed, to have such a wonderful son and sweet daughter-in-law. Hope he has a very happy birthday! Hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself, cher. Say a few prayers for New Orleans. Here we go again! Cheers!

    1. My heart is in my throat about New Orleans. During my three years as a Charity student and for the three years after as an RN, we were always watching that weather channel during hurrican season. When I was home a few years ago for our 45 year nursing school reunion, it really tore me up to see so much residual damage and many parts of cities like ghost zones. I pray this storm doesn't carry nearly the whop of the last storm. Prayers for New Orleans.

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