Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Year Has Passed - Happy 41st, Shawn - December 17, 2011

Boy, the years are certainly racing by.  Last year, I posted a blog in honor of
my son, Shawn's 40th birthday which you can check out at:

There have been quite a few changes since then - not so much in terms of
Shawn's life but, certainly, for me.  Shawn is still that same terrific young man
he was last year, perhaps a bit grayer at the temples but still a George
Clooney look-alike and still a son of whom any mother would be pround.  He's
not even nearby so we can celebrate together.  He's off playing Air Force in
Texas for five months and I've moved from the home we had for 14 years and
am in India, of all places.  I'm fulfilling a dream and, Shawn, like his other
two brothers, told me to "go for it".  They've always been my best supporters.

So, my beloved first born, even though I can't be there with you today to share
a fine glass of shiraz or zin or pinot, my heart is with you in spirit.  It's ben a
great ride and I love you and am as proud as a mother can be to call you son.

Namaste from India.



  1. Congratulations to you both! :-)

  2. How sweet it is, Carmen!

    Happy Birthday Shawn!

  3. Happy day for Shawn! Where do those years go? Josh will be 42 on Wednesday.

  4. Yes, those years certainly do race by. I've just visited both my sons - I just wish they lived somewhere closer.

  5. what an accomplishment.

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