Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Watery Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday - Pampas Grass in Pacifica, California - November 18, 2010

Watery Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday
Pampas Grass in Pacifica, California
November 18, 2010

I am participating in Watery Wednesday and Wordless Wednesday.
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  1. "We must pause to see the beauty,
    In even the smallest things"

    --- Travel Thoughts

  2. rainfield61 -
    Well, my friend, I see you've read one of my poems!

  3. your photos are absolutely stunning!
    your header photo just blown me away...fantastic!

  4. The second one, with the yellow sky, is fantastic, Carmen. The others are lovely, but that yellow sky is art.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. wow!... breathtaking especially the last one. bump into your blog from watery wednesday

  6. I like the sun reflection and the mountains on the second one — between mountain and sea, I always choose mountain!

  7. Lovely photos! Have a great week!

  8. the golden sky in the middle photo is just perfect....

  9. Today, in Barcelona we also have a watery wednesday too. Rain and humity.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  10. I love the way the sun catches the grasses, and the backdrop of the ocean!!

  11. Whoa! That is serious grass.

  12. There is a lovely calmness about these photos. Bea-u-ti-ful.

  13. Terrific shots, love the light captured.

  14. I remember these! I used to love to sit out by the water when I was little, and look at these sway high above my head! We called them "cat's tails" :)


  15. Great photos. Loved the one looking through the pampas out to sea.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. Hi Carmen! Welcome back!! Hope things are getting better now...

    Blogtrotter Two is facing the legendary question: «What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?»
    Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  17. These are stunning photos, Carmen! Beautifully capture, and just stunning..

  18. Beautiful photos. I'm a native Californian so it was great to see "home".

  19. Consider my poetry book when you're Christmas shopping - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy – it’s out on Amazon ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well ) I finally did it at the age of 65!
    ( Check out the reviews! )

    Luna Miranda -
    That beautiful spot in my header photo is only about three miles from my house. It isn't quite so beautiful with the winter rains and the demise of the daisies but I'm sure it will be just as beautiful come spring.

    Kay L.Davies -
    Glad you liked the Pacifica pampas photos. That spot is only a mile from my house.

    Lilly Riani -
    Thanks for coming by to visit. Glad you like the Pacific scenery.

    Josep -
    It's so nice to live here, with the real mountains, the Sierras, only a four hour drive away and the Pacific only three miles from me. The vineyards of Napa Valley are only a little over an hour's drive. I've got the best of most worlds.

    eileeninmd -
    Glad you enjoyed my pampas photos. Come back again.

    beth -
    That hillside always catches the evening sun and lights up like that.

    Irrendento Urbanita -
    It has really been storming here all day - we're even having thunder and lightning which is very rare for this area because of its cool temperatures and cool ocean.

    Judy -
    I just love living here with such beautiful scenery everywhere.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    Pampas grass has become extremely invasive in CA. It was once planted for erosion control but is now a pest and has taken over the land!!

    Joanna Jenkins -
    That hillside, overlooking the Pacific,is such a nice spot, near my house.

    Indrani -
    I'm glad you liked my shots of my coastal town. It is wonderful living so close to the ocean.

    C -
    Pampas grass is beautiful blowing in the wind though it has become very invasive here in California.

    Maggie May -
    I'm so glad you got to see what I see on almost a daily basis. I love living here by the Pacific Ocean.

    Trotter -
    Still battling my kidney stones and wondering why I am being tormented so. Wish I would win the lottery so I could get on a cruise ship.

    ♥-Icy BC-♥ -
    I am so glad you like my photos. It means a lot coming from one of my favorite photographers.

    Marla -
    Are you no longer living in CA? I'm GA born but, having lived in the San Francisco area 33 years now, it's home to me.

  20. What a lovely plant that no one really notices, but they stand out perfectly in the picture

  21. those photos are breathtakingly beautiful. love them.