Sunday, November 28, 2010

Electronic Mayhem - It Doesn't Rain But It Pours - Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am definitely feeling better physically though I am still on this very restricted
diet until December 7th, after which I will have my colonscopy and, hopefully,
the findings from that will be such that I can, once again, resume a normal diet. 
It wasn't much fun spending eight hours cooking on Thanksgiving day and not
being able to eat all the goodies I prepared.  The boys, however, loved everything
and  have made certain the leftovers didn't linger long enough to tempt me.  Today,
I made turkey soup with the last of the bird and they finished everything else
that remained.  I just watched sadly and ate my chicken broth and noodles.

Somehow, I seem to still have a dark cloud hovering over my head.  In the last few days,
I've been having an electronic meltdown.  My very expensive laptop, has been going
haywire, and is giving me all sorts of error messages which should not be happening. I
really can't spare money to take it in to the doctor right now. 

However, the worst of all possibilities happened!  My desktop crashed completely. 
Not even the recovery disc was able to resurrect it and all my files, photo and otherwise,
are contained therein.   Fortunately, I did subscribe to Carbonite backup a few months
ago so I don't think all my information is lost forever - but, since my laptop says it is
full ( it should have plenty of room ), I can't put the files there.  It will all have to wait until
I can afford a new desk top and that may be months from now. 

Another wierd thing has been happening with my fancy Panasonic four extension
phone system which is only about six months old.  Suddenly, I can't access the
voice mail on any of the phones so my messages can't be retrieved, nor can I use
the phone book feature.  The phones are all fully charged.  It is so frustrating to be
at the mercy of these electronic devices on which we become so dependent.

For a little while, I am sad to say, I may be missing photos with my posts.  I have so
many pictures stored on my desktop, for months of blogs to come.  I guess one should
not come to depend on these computers so much but they become so totally essential
in our lives.  I have some essentials tasks coming up in the near future and all the work
pertinent to them is on that darn desk top.  Yikes!!


  1. It's funny — well, not much funny, but lately I have the same struggle with my new Blackberry phone (it didn't work for some days), my ADSL account (it's pésima), and the visits to the hospital with my father. Patience!

  2. Carmen, that dark cloud should lift soon, so I pray for you. I can relate to this so well since it usually doesn't rain, but pour for me too.

    Wish you luck with the colonscopy test, and everything will go smoothly!

  3. Greta to read good news of you my dear Carmen. Everything will be ok.

    Big hugs


    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  4. I hate it when my desktop crashes - really crushes my kneecaps.

  5. Oh, goodness, Carmen, what a trail of tears, to misquote a phrase. I'm sure you don't have time now to look for that activation code for me, so I will wait until the new year and hope you are well. I'm glad you're feeling better. I know how hard it is to cook for others when on a severely restricted diet oneself.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Horror of horrors - the loss of precious photos! I am reminded to do something intelligent related to backup, no time to put it off.

    I am wishing you good health and working computers for 2011.

  7. oh Carmen, I am sorry to know about your desktop, I lost many of my photos before too when my computer crashed and I have not stored my files anywhere else, from then on, I save all my files in a portable external drive.

  8. Wow - maybe your house got hit by a solar flare or something? I'm so sorry about the electronic woes.

  9. I was just thinking today of how much I need to make some type of backup of all my image files. It would be heartbreaking to lose them all. I hope you will be able to retrieve yours.

    It's good to hear that you are beginning to feel better. Stick with that diet, so you can get well!

  10. Glad you're getting better. Sorry about the crazy electronics! That's quite strange.

  11. You are a great mom to do all that Thanksgiving cooking but only be able to have the broth and noodles. December 7th is just around the corner and hopefully a solution too. Feel good. I'm cheering you on.

    So sorry to hear about your computer and electronics problems-- When it rains it pours. I hope there's an easy solution for those too.

    Have a great week, jj

  12. I hope you will be able to retrieve your photos and other files, Carmen! so much of our lives is in these electronic devices, you are right...

    as for the dark cloud, it sounds to me like you are done now - as we say in romania, the bad things come in threes, and you've had your share! time for some light clouds now!

  13. So sorry! I've had a bunch of computer problems because my laptop is dying and I don't want to purchase another one but never so many electronic problems at once!

  14. Good luck with retrieving everything. I do hope it will all sort itself out before too long. I know how it feels. I think it's too late for us to lose our dependence on things electronic.