Thursday, August 05, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School, Rainbow Orange, August 5, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School, Rainbow Orange, August 5, 2010

For some reason, folks seem to be having trouble with the color orange.  I looked
through my clothes closet and I have very little in that color though I do love tropical
colors.  My wardrobe certainly boasts a lot of cruise clothes in hot pinks, purple and
turquoise but orange is definitelymissing.  I love oranges, apricots, and other orange
fruits, mmmm, and especially, mangoes and papayas, those rank at the top and they
are lovely and orange.

Pumpkin, too, is one of the great orange fruits.  I can smell pumpkin pie baking in
the oven though Halloween is still far way...and pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies,
pumpkin bread.  Just the other day, I had some overripe bananas and made a
wonderful pumpkin banana bread.  The aroma had everyone hovering outside the
oven with cries of "Is it done yet?"

So many of the remarkable sunrises and sunsets of my life - and I have been so blessed
to see them from islands and countries all over the globe - have been tinged with hues of orange.  They are a heavenly palette that man is hard pressed to duplicate.

I don't have any orange pictures in my files except flowers so I thought I would put those
up for you to see.



  1. Wow Carmen! You made a fabulous collection here!!

    Missing your comment at Blogtrotter Two, which is now showing a bit of Catalonia in Sardinia... ;). Take pleasure in it and have a stunning weekend ahead!

  2. What a beautiful bouquet!!
    It is very Gorgeous colors...

    The magnificence is good for a season.

    I am glad by your visit to the Far East.

  3. Orange Was my Dad's Favorite color!! Thanks!! Monks wer robes that are orange!!

  4. What a variety of shades of orange. The flowers looks beautiful.

  5. I agree with have an incredible collection of orange colored flowers :)

    I really like the one with the field of California Poppies. Maybe it's the way the sun is reflecting or just the fact that the flowers are so bright against the green grass but it just feels so surreal to me :)

  6. Flowers,Flowers,Flowers

    They never tire me
    Great pics!

  7. Summer school has been a real eye opener for me regarding colors I like but don't seem to have in clothing or decorating with it. You found some lovely orange flowers. They are beautiful. Good job.

  8. love them Carmen, your orange collection definitely brightens the day. like you, i do not understand also why I do not have orange shirts or clothes in my closet, but of course, i have lots of pink, purple, blue, etc.

  9. Carmen I enjoyed looking at all your orange flower photos! Many of them are so unusual and exotic looking.

  10. What vibrant photos! Thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome!


  11. It's such a lovely series of photos, Carmen! As regards orange color, when my nephew was born I helped to paint her room in orange because their parents decided it would be her color. Now that she's 7 years old she only likes pink, of course :) But for me, orange is still her color and I like it so much.

  12. I love blanketflowers. They are so easy to grow, and seem to keep blooming for months.

  13. gorgeous flowers ... i think orange is an under appreciated colour ...

  14. I really like orange colors. And all those flavors you mentioned. *sigh*

  15. all so bright and beautiful!

  16. Pretty variety of flowers, it's really like rainbow combining all the colors. Great captures of the photos. Have a nice weekend.

  17. those are some pretty orange tones Carmen. Orange is my love and hate shade, I want to love it, but can't really use it, so I hate it for not being more versatile. I think your captures are out of this world though for the orange tones!

  18. A few years ago I probably didn't have any orange in my closet either. I've found myself attracted to that coral, pinky orange lately and seem to be collecting quite a bit of that. Enjoyed all your beautiful flower photos.

  19. Orange is one of my favorite colors. I think a touch of orange in a room livens it right up.

  20. Wonderful photography, Carmen. You certainly have a eye for capturing the right moment and sight.

  21. Lovely pics, Carmen - the joys of travelling!

  22. i love orange - it reminds me of autumn - and i'm a big autumn lover - just because of the colors - and your pics are beautiful

  23. orange flowers are fabulous

  24. The flowers are amazing! I too am giving a longing glance to fall and its fruits and veggies.

  25. Trotter -
    For not being really crazy about the color orange, I did amass quite a collection of orange flowers. They wear the color well - I don't.

    ruma2008 -
    It was nice to see you here checking out my blazing orange flowers! Come back soon.

    liz -
    Somehow Buddhist monks look just fine in orange robes. I would not, I don't think!!!

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    Until I started looking for pictures, I had no idea I had that many orange flowers. I normally go for purples and hot pinks.

    myorii -
    Since I've lived in California almost 34 years now, I am somewhat partial to the poppies. They are such a bright and cheery flower. My other favorite are daisies.

    dulce -
    I love flowers, too...I even haul my camera to Costco to take flower pictures there!

    Jingle -
    Glad you like my orange flower collection.

    Viki -
    While I'm not much for wearing orange, I do like it in flowers. One can't improve much on nature.

    bechai -
    We are alike in that regard. I have a wardrobe of purples, hot pinks, aqua, bright yellow but orange barely peeps in anywhere ( maybe a touch in my eyeshadow! ).

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    I didn't realize I had so many orange flowers until I started going through all my files. It was fun to discover them all.

    fullet -
    Isn't it funny, the female of the species has a mind of its own - even at seven. So you are fond of orange! My dear Indian friend who is a bar manager for Royal Caribbean suprised me the one time I've seen him in street clothers when he took me off the ship to lunch in Nassau - he work a bright orange polo shirt. I had seen him in nothing but uniforms for ten years !

    Sue -
    So glad you like my orange flower collection.

    Slugyard -
    Did I have blanket flowers in my collection? I didn't even know!

    Jo -
    I think you are probably right. Orange is an underappreciated color.

    Lourie -
    You are one of the few people I've met who is a fan of orange.

    magieeye -
    In India, I saw a lot of orange in the brilliant saris worn by your lovely women. Of course, they were every color of the rainbow.

    Siromade -
    I'm pleased you liked my orange assortment of flowers!

    Self Sagacity -
    You put it very well about orange - love and hate shade. I think I prefer a bright, bold orange, though, to a mild shade.

    Dawn -
    Isn't it funny how different shades appeal to us. I just told someone else that the bright, bold oranges appeal to me more than the paler shades...but, then, I'm that way with purples, hot pinks and yellows.

    steviewren -
    You are pretty unique among the folks who have commented in that you're a fan of orange. But, as a room accent, I think it is nice.

    Mickle in NZ -
    I enjoy photography and rarely am out without my camera!

    easternsparkle -
    Thank you - I am glad you enjoyed my orange flower collection.

    Claudia -
    I definitely associate orange with autumn and fall colors. It gets me thinking of pumpkin pie and football games!

    Christy -
    I'm going to have to print up some of these photos for my fall decorations and give them to friends as well.

    Terra -
    Orange flowers definitely add a bright spot to a bouquet.

  26. Beautiful photographs. Orange isn't exactly my favorite color, but when I see those flowers I tend to change my mind.

  27. Carmen,

    What a fascinating stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School.

    In my mind I can clearly visualize your closet filled with happy rainbow colors of a carefree life filled with travel and adventure!

    I hope you get to cram your suitcases full again soon and head off to a lovely place that makes you smile.

    Your pictures are quite lovely, too.

    Thank you for sharing this link with us.

    I really enjoyed it.


  28. Betty (picture circa 1951) -
    I do like orange flowers but, otherwise, I'm not crazy about least, not in my wardrobe!

  29. Jenny -
    It was fun doing the orange post. As for travel again, I don't see how unless a miracle happens like a lottery win. I do hope that India is on the horizon with my frequent flyer ticket, at least. And I have so many friends with whom I can stay, all over the country.