Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magpie #29 - The Dream House - August 31, 2010

Magpie #29 - The Dream House - August 31, 2010

Their wedding was a grand affair,
At a bluff above the sea,
After two weeks in the South Pacific,
They settled down happily.

Their jobs were most exciting.
And both were quite well paid,
They filled their upscale condo,
With the finest furnishings made.

On their second anniversary,
She smiled as he poured champagne,
"I think it's best for the baby -
You'll understand if I abstain."

They decided to move from the city,
And went house hunting everywhere,
They looked inland and near the sea,
And found one beyond compare.

It was being sold by the owner,
An elderly gentleman whose wife had died,
As he recounted their lives there,
He broke down and cried and cried.

The lovely house was pefect,
With large rooms and shiny wood floors,
And there was a garden planted,
Outside the pretty French doors.

The kitchen was full of windows,
And cabinets lining two sides,
It had much charm and beauty,
Yet would suit the most modern of brides.

From its perch on the bluff,
One could see the ocean below,
And as the sun began to set,
The house took on the rosiest glow.

The price was quite a bit higher,
Than the couple had wanted to pay,
They were concerned about their budget,
With a baby now on its way.

The old gentleman had several offers,
But money mattered little to him,
So he looked at the couple and asked,
What would be affordable to them.

The house is filled  for Thanksgiving,
The new baby is sweet as can be,
The guest of honor is the old gentleman,
Who has become part of their family.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved

I am participating in Willow's Magpie Tales


  1. What a beautiful story told in verses, Carmen! You're a wonderful poet!

  2. I loved your poetic style. You have given a beautiful meaning to words. Good on you.

  3. Oh, that's really sweet. Great story line.

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Nice story.

  5. Awww, nice. I like that story.

  6. What a great poem. The ending is so satisfying that I found myself becoming misty eyed.