Thursday, June 24, 2010

"W" is For Wedding - the Marriage of Laura Winterhalter to Alexander Vukasinovic, May 7, 2010 - A few more photos for Alphabe Thursday, 6-24-10

"W" is For Wedding - the Marriage of Laura  Winterhalter to Alexander Vukasinovic, May 7, 2010 - A few more photos for Alphabe Thursday, 6-24-10

I realize, of course, that I already posted some pictures of the wedding of my middle son, Alex, to his beautiful, Laura, in a blog shortly after their May 7th wedding.  However, Laura recently sent me several hundred more photographs and, since "W" is our Alphabe letter today, I couldn't resist sharing some of them with you. 

I can't believe that this Friday will be SEVEN weeks since the big day.  Time goes by so quickly!  I haven't even seen the happy couple since then.  While they live in West Sacramento, only about 110 miles from San Francisco, time constraints seem to always interfere with our traveling back and forth.  Laura works more than full time as a paramedic and Alex works a 4AM to noon shift at his job, then has classes most weekdays.  Occasionally, he tries to catch a couple of hours sleep.

These photos include some of the beautiful setting at Scribner Bend Vineyards in Sacramento.  It was truly a glorious day but it got chilly after the sun set.  I was lucky to have blankets in my car which I got for us to use as wraps!!  Of course, the folks who got up and danced didn't seem to be bothered by the drop in temperatures as the night wore on. 

Scribner Bend Vineyards, Sacramento, CA

The lovely outdoor dinner setting

Katie, Jeremy's girlfriend, doing the honors for Alex

Collin, the ring bearer

Alex ( middle son of three ), age 27 with his mother, age 65

Alex, with his younger brother, Jeremy, 25 - absent was their older brother,
Shawn, 39, who was deployed to Germany with the Air Force Reserves a
week prior to the wedding - he was to be best man.  We all missed him very much!

Beautiful Laura Winterhalter, Alex's sweetheart for six years, now Mrs. Vukasinovic

Jeremy escorts maid of honor, Mandy ( his left ), and Lindsay

Happiness abounds

Such radiance!

A quick kiss in the rose bower

My immediate family ( minus our new bride ) - brother, Charley, sis-in-law, Susan, Alex, Jeremy and Elmira, who cared for the boys much of their lives

Our combined families

The wedding party in the vineyard

The wedding party in the rose bower

Near sunset in the vineyards

Pastoral scene for the newlyweds

Jeremy, Katie and Laura

Table with my friend and colleague, Elaine, in the purple shawl

Our table with Jeremy, Katie, my brother, Charley, sister-in-law, Susan, Silvia and Daniel

Jeremy toasts the newlyweds

Mother of the groom reads her poem

To the rescue of tired feet

The wedding cake and my poster board

First dance for the newlyweds

Dance with mom - Alex chose "Thank you, Mom" by Good Charlotte - I was so touched by the words

My only sibling, younger brother, Charley ( 62 ), and his lovely wife, Susan

Jeremy and Katie, heading out to dance

The first wedding post and photos are at: 

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  1. What a great day to remember! Lovely touches, throughout, with the dance with your son, one of my favorites. What pride and joy these photos must bring to you. You raised them to be such good people!

    Again, it was a treat for us too. Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful wedding and radiant bride!

    Thanks for sharing those amazing photos and for stopping by...

  3. Wow, that's a lot of memories of a fantastic day!

  4. What a wonderful wedding! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos of your amazing family and the exciting event! Just gorgeous!!!

    And congratulations on publishing your book of poetry! How absolutely thrilling! You must be so excited! Great job!!!

  5. DO take GREAT pictures--Oh! You were IN them! Right....

    What a beautiful treasure of memories you have shared with us today.

    I play lots of weddings, but the Peeps at this celebration ALL look exceptionally happy, joyous, and free!

  6. Hi!
    Awesome wedding! What wonderful memories to have. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  7. Such a glorious day, a gorgeous setting and a very happy and beautiful bride and groom. Thanks a million for sharing the love Carmen-- It's easy to see how happy everyone was!

    And your photo board looks awesome!

  8. Great to see more photos of this special day. What a great setting!

  9. What a beautiful venue and a most handsome couple! Congrats!

  10. What a beautiful wedding! I love the blue she selected for everything it is so pretty. What a great family.

  11. A gorgeous setting and beautiful couple.

  12. Lovely photos. I love wedding pics. Adorable couple!

  13. I can never see enough pictures of beautiful brides and happy people. These are lovely.

    Hope you are doing well......:-) Hugs

  14. hi
    beautiful couple and venue.
    If you want and allow me I am ready to make a you tube video album for you using above pics which you can upload on your site
    as pics are very beautiful
    Please just let me know if you wish

  15. love the flower petal walkway :D

    the bride is beautiful :D

  16. Anonymous5:04 PM

    hi carmen, hope you are feeling better now. i am enjoying your alphabet series.

  17. What an awesome outdoor wedding!!! Perfect weather! Gorgeous venue! Handsome groom! Beautiful bride!

  18. Thank you for sharing those pictures, they are lovely.

  19. That was such a beautiful place for the wedding. The pictures are all lovely. Great W post.

  20. The very best choice for your W post.

  21. lakeviewer -
    so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I always love a wedding. Funny, both this past October in Malaga and the year before in Rome, we chanced on two weddings and it was so delightful.

    Rocky Mountain Woman -
    Laura amazed me, she was so happy and nonplussed throughout the whole ceremony, smiling brilliantly. I guess after their one year engagement ( they'd been dating six years ), she was just glad the day had come!!

    fullet -
    I don't remember ever having been so happy!

    Coralie Cederna Johnson -
    Between the wedding and the poetry book, my rather bleak year improved considerably. I did get cheered up!

    steveroni -
    I took a lot of the pictures on the first blog I did of the wedding. This second blog featured the wedding photographer's shots. I've been to my share of weddings but this one was actually fun. Alex and Laura seemed so happy and laid back....they were all smiles throughout the whole ceremony.

    Sherrie -
    I'm hoping, one of these days, my oldest, Shawn
    ( 39 ), will surprise me and get married. He states, "Never." Jeremy has a special girl but he tells me, at 25, he's not ready for marriage. I love his girlfriend, though.

  22. Joanna Jenkins -
    I'm glad Laura and Alex chose that May 7th date for their wedding. June gets very sweltering in Sacramento. This was a perfect day. This little winery handles lot of weddings and everything went without a hitch.

    Tina -
    I was so thrilled that Laura sent me a whole DVD of pictures. Amazing! The photographer took over five hundred shots!

    5thsister -
    Scribner Bend Vineyards is a lovely setting for a wedding or other event. It's right on the Sacramento River ( across the street ), along a winding road, with lovely vineyard views. It's nice because the kid's house is only about ten miles from there.

    JDaniel4'sMom -
    I hadn't even realized that the guys were wearing navy vests with their tuxes but they looked so nice, matching the maid of honor and the bridesmaid. Her family is wonderful...mine is so small, I was just thrilled that my brother and his wife made it out from Georgia!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    You've seen enough pictures of these boys over the years but I still don't know if you've actually met any of them!

    Ysnet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys -
    See what you have to look forward to one of these days - mother of the groom x 3. It is great fun!

    Bernie -
    I think weddings make everyone feel good. This one certainly was filled with lots of joy. I love Laura's family and she has so many relatives. It's good for Alex who only knew one grandmother and his aunt and uncle from GA.

    sm -
    you are such a sweetheart to do this video
    for me. I'm trying to get a few more pictures
    together in the next day or so. You decide what you want to use.

    laterg8r -
    wasn't that lovely with the rose petals strewn on the walk? I thought the winery setting was perfect for the two of them. It all worked out just beautifully and the food ( catered by a
    company recommended by Scribner Bend ) was fabulous.

    kamana -
    if my right foot would ever get back to its normal size instead of looking like an elephants, I might be better! You should have done the Alphabe's nice to have a stimulus to write!!!

    GardenofDaisies -
    it's almost two months since the wedding and I still feel elated every time I think about it. Now, I will hope for my first grandchild.

    Glynis -
    it seems to me that it hasn't been all that long since you went to to England for a wedding or was it someone else?

    Viki -
    Glad you liked my 2nd wedding post. I think I've exhausted that topic but I am still so elated about it all!

    Ratty -
    I just pray that these two kids, who are all happiness and love, can stay this way for all the years to come. There are so many hazards along the way.

  23. awww...makes me remember those happy moments on my wedding day

  24. Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding photos of the couple, Carmen!

  25. What beautiful photographs and wonderful memories. Everyone looks so happy :)

  26. Carmen, what lovely photos of a lovely family! You are all glowing and happy...I felt like I was there.

    This charming stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "W" really warmed my heart.

    Your happiness and joy on this momentous day is contagious!

    Thank you for linking!


  27. It was a beautiful wedding....How exciting for you proud mama......

  28. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. The smiles and the expressions are priceless.

  29. Vow!!!!! Carmen--I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of u and your family.Its really a wondrous joy to have close and warm relations with near and dear ones.Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what beautiful pictures u take( I think Rohan is now trying to take after u--he suddenly seems camera-frenzy!!!).Bless You and Keep Smiling.Heartiest Congratulations to u all..