Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When It Rains

I do believe the sun's rays are making a feeble effort to break through the billowy gray clouds this morning.  Yesterday was filled with torrential downpours.  It reminded me of Bollywood films I've seen of India  monsoons, with hour after hour of steady rain.  Unlike Georgia's tumultuous summer thunderstorms, with sounds like sonic booms and blazing steaks of lightning, this was silent rain that kept up for hours.  It made for such a lazy day, luring both me and my mother back to our respective bed for long afternoon naps.  Such luxury to lie there, listening to the steady drumming of rain  on the driveway outside the window.  It reminded me of a poem I penned awhile backed, titled, "When It Rains."  I hope you like it.

When It Rains

Crashing drops pound upon,
The roof of hammered tin,
And I stretch, languidly,
And become a child again.

I recall those summer days,
When a sudden raging storm,
Left puddles meant for splashing,
With water nice and warm!

Raindrops fall on arid lands,
And quench the thirsty earth,
Rewarding us with flowers,
And a sense of new rebirth.

Downpours fall in heavy sheets,
Obscuring all from sight,
A hazard for those driving,
Or venturing out into the night.

Rain can be the lightest mist,
That barely wets the ground,
And as it falls around us,
It doesn't make a sound.

It also falls while thunder,
Booms from a threatening sky,
Accented by streaked lightning,
Menacing all nearby.

Carmen Henesy

©2009 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem, Carmen! Hope you are having a great time on your visit..

  2. Hi Carmen, oh the rain, it has a tendency to make me curl in bed with a good book (teehee). Your poem is beautiful! *hugs*