Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Poems

On Poems

Poems have filled us all with wonder,
Written by the rich and poor,
Verses penned in homes palatial,
Or in hovels most obscure.

Epic tales of ancient Greece,
Show modern times Achilles' wrath,
Or let us see through Robert Frost,
The snowy woods on a winter path.

Poets speak of love unending,
In sonnets and in flowery prose,
Japanese poets gave us haiku,
From which simple beauty flows.

Five lined limericks make us laugh,
Though some may be a bit risqué,
While ballads, often sung in rhyme,
Narrative tales they may portray.

Whatever genre peaks your fancy,
There is a type for every soul,
A literary journey for the senses,
The rewards of which I can extol.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2009 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is wonderful, and fantastic poem, Carmen! I need to go jogging down a few thoughts now..

  2. Carmen, I loved your comment on my blog. You must be going through withdrawl symptoms. Do email me and we can chat longer. Email is on my profile page. Looking forward.

    p.s. love all your travel pictures from the previous post. I'm envious of all the lovely places you've seen.

  3. You are quite a poetic, Carmen. You will have to get them together in a little book!

    Nuts in May

  4. The world would be a barren place without poetry.

  5. Icy, Rosaria, Maggie May and Willow, thank you for reading my poem. I'm glad you liked it. Sometimes poetry is the only way I can express myself. I've been doing this since I was six, I believe so I've got quite a collection.

  6. This is a poem I can only describe as delightful. It was done well and easy to understand.

  7. You write so well, Carmen. I like your imagery and humor.

  8. delightful indeed!

  9. Anonymous8:46 AM

    WOW!! I hope to read more. You truly are a fine POET!! I love the expressions, I like expressing myself like you , I call mine open diary
    Have a great weekend.. SMILES

  10. We are having a very rainy day here today, Carmen. The streets are full of wet leaves. Normally I wouldn't mind but we have World Series rickets or tonight's game and we are worried it will be a rain-out. Time will tell!