Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ramblings from the South

I arrived in Columbus, GA about 1PM on Sunday, October 25th, twelve hours after I left San Francisco International.  I was unbelievably lucky on my five hour overnight flight to New York - three whole seats to myself in coach so I was able to stretch out and sleep for about three hours ( of course, not nearly so comfortably as in business class to and from Europe for my birthday - still I  gave thanks for my good fortune! ),  For the first time ever, I did not rent a car this visit.  Now that my retirement has me on such a fixed income, the $200/week fee seemed too steep for the convenience of having a car sit in the driveway for most of my stay.  I decided to be practical and get a car for a couple of days only since I do need to take my mother to get a senior citizen I. D. card and I'll need to do some grocery shopping.  Even the shopping could be done by taxi on a short jaunt that would cost less than eight dollars round trip.

This morning, the installer from Mediacom  braved the torrential sheets of rain to come out and put in internet for me so, at least, I am connected to the outside world, email, and blogging.  How quickly we take these things for granted.  Last visit, I had an important project I was unable to complete by its deadline so it seemed well worth the $20/month internet fee to have internet access here.  My brother, who is an IBM employee, will also have it handy when he visits from Florida so we will both benefit.  I just wish my mother had gotten a computer before her eyesight deteriorated so much.  She always had such a thirst for knowledge and, with the ability to enlarge font, make pictures full screen, this would have been wonderful for her.  When I mention it now, she just tells me she isn't interested.

While I am home, I will be able to show her all my online photo albums.  She hasn't been able to see much of her grandsons over the years and, with me living 2500 miles away, my visits have usually been limited to two a year.  I'm glad I've come three times since my retirement in April.  It breaks my heart to see her sitting in her chair across the room, staring into space, listening to the rain.  My mother says she isn't in any pain at all which surprises me since she used to complain of joint pain in her knees and wrists.

I am cherishing my time with her, happy to be able to fix meals for her and glad of this time together when we are not at odds as we often were in years past.  Now, while she naps, I am going to catch up on the blog reading I have missed since I left home Saturday night.  I have certainly missed you all, especially with my two with absence for my birthday!


  1. Hi Carmen, Thanks for your nice comments on my Sunday Roast at Eddie Bluelights'. I really appreciate.

    You have a wonderful blog, I've been reading older posts to get to know you.

    I hope your trip to Georgia with your Mom is wonderful. It sure started great with three seats together on the plane! You are living right!

    Both my mom and I have lupus too. No meds is a tough way to go for some but if she's feeling okay maybe she's in a remission period (fingers crossed. If it's amy consolation, I have to fight my mom all the time to take hers meds.

    I'll be back again soon to visit. Have a great vacation!


  2. Anonymous7:02 AM

    my eyes filled with tears when you wrote how your mother was sitting in her chair , staring , I hate that look and feeling. I saw that this weekend on an 81 year old woman, Dorothty, my sisters mothere in law, she has been through Cancer so many times and now again.
    I saw her face this weekend, I saw her standing at the Island in her kitchen, she looked lonely, sad, lost, so alone, it broke my heart, I just needed to be with her again , even if I just came from seeing her 20 mins before. if I can make her laugh and feel not so lonely for another few mins then I feel better.. I know how hard it is being so far away from your parents. mine are 3000 miles away. It takes me 3 hours to fly there and another 3-4 hours if i drive ( rental car ) or it can take up to 6 if I have to depend on a taxi.
    I hope you enjoy your stay. Blessings to you and your mum

  3. Blessings to you and your mother, Carmen!!

  4. I'm so glad you are having this time together....
    enjoy ever single minute of it....

  5. Carmen, this is such a heart-warming post! Rambling away, since I love to read things like this, especially when I can't visit my old mother myself!

  6. On lazy days, I sit and enjoy reading blogs like yours. I agree with Icy, this will suffice while I miss my own mom who is miles away in the Philippines. You are fortunate to have this time with her. Enjoy every moment. *hugs*

  7. Sadly, I never did manage to persuade my mother to feel comfortable with a computer. I tried several times, but she felt too nervous. Such a shame really, because it meant keeping contacts with our far-flung family so much more difficult. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with my new granddaughter using webcams and so on.