Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take the Time


Take the time to pause and wonder,
At the things you see today,
The brilliant hues of morning sunrise
The racing gulls upon the bay.

Take the time to feel the breezes.
Soft and cool upon your face,
Savor every special moment,
Of your lover's sweet embrace.

Take the time to smell the roses,
As they make the air so sweet,
Look in wonder and amazement,
At miles and miles of swaying wheat.

Take the time to smile at children,
As they learn about their world,
Keep their sense of awed excitement,
As new mysteries are unfurled.

Take the time to say I love you,
These are words that one should share,
How sad to say, when life is ending,
"But they have to know I care".

Take the time while there is time,
For all of us, time has to end.
Let's hope that every second left,
Brings love and happiness, my friend.

Carmen Henesy



  1. This is such a beautiful poem, Carmen!

  2. Yes!!! Carpe Diem!!!

  3. Dear Carmen, your poetry is so beautiful, so apt, and so fitting to the time and moment, so right for my current time and moments.

    Sincere "thank yous" for coming into my life, Michelle xxx

    (and Zebbycat shows face-washing comfort and his cuddly snuggles for Carmen)

  4. This was a beautiful poem, Carmen. As I get older I do find myself taking more time to enjoy the little things in life. I realize the road ahead is not as long as the road behind me. ;-)

  5. Amen! Love the sentiment. WE need to be reminded all the time. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  6. just beautiful, you have a natural talent at writing poetry.

  7. this is beautiful...

  8. Margie: It's National Nut Day so I decided to visit a nut. Ha!
    Edna made me say that.

  9. your words help me pause and wonder - thank you!

  10. Carmen...this is absolutely stunning! Your words speak such truth & remind me to slow down because life is truly whizzing by! xoxo

  11. Beautiful poem. I will be here again to read all of your poems.

  12. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Browsing your blog, reading poems here and there, this one got my attention. On this Memorial day it is very fitting to take the time to remember, to stop and THINK about our life, even the crinkling of a leave drying, dying on the path, reminds us, how short life is, how everything comes to an end, so I stopped and I smiled as I past by here my friend, To share a smile, send a hug, to you my friend

    GOsh U need these PUBLISHED