Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Shivering - February 25, 2011

I can't believe the headlines,
Snow may be on its way,
For San Francisco natives,
We don't know what to say!

I had lived here just a month,
When snowfall made the news,
In the thirty-five years since,
We've had no wintery blues!

Imagine all the crazy thrills,
With snow adhering to our hills!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy
February 25, 2011

I am participating, like so many fun and witty other folks, in Friday Flash 55,
the brainchild of Mr. KnowItAll.  Check out the site and join in the fun.



  1. I'm gonna bring my sled, Carmen!

    A fun and funny 55!

  2. i saw that...crazy weather...we went from 70 on monday to 40 by wenesday and supposed to be 20 tomorrow...

  3. I bet that would make for some interesting driving!

  4. Carmen Electra...
    As Mark Twain's teeth were chattering
    He felt compelled to say.
    The coldest Winter ever spent
    Was Summer by the Bay
    Loved your 55 My Dear
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. WOW! even in beautiful San Francisco , crazy weather, but beautiful ff55.

    warm wishes,

  6. I am experiencing very hot sun over here.

  7. I am imagining fun times that resemble Olympic bobsledding. lol Nice 55!

  8. Wow, Carmen, I'm not sure about snow on hills, but I have a funny suspicion whatever those yellow blooms are I'd be very allergic to!

    And hey, I will be making YOU the 3rd next sidebar button that will appear at my site. It's high time, my hear!


  9. Great poem. My son is stationed in San Fran. with the USCG right now. He will be glad if it snows there!

  10. I saw on the news that you might get some. We expect pictures!

  11. Eric 'Bubba' Alder -
    I could see you flying down some of those hills and ending up on Alcatraz!

    Brian Miller -
    I'm in Santa Cruz tomorrow, overnight, to hear my jazz singer friend. We, clearly, won't be hanging out at the beach boardwalk during the day if it's 30 degrees out. I've got to go and dig out a winter coat!

    Mama Zen -
    People have a hard enough time managing the hill in bright, warm, sunny weather! I went through two clutches in short order when I first moved here!

    G-Man -
    During my first summer time ( June ) visit to San Francisco in 1963, I was wearing a long winter coat with a little mink collar!

    joanny -
    I don't know why I would expect us to escape the crazy weather the rest of the country has been having. But I hate to see all the beautiful blooming trees messed up.

    rainfield61 -
    I know how warm it is in Malaysia!! Our cruising days there, we never needed a sweater! It was always beautiful beach weather.

    dustus -
    Olympic bobsledding would be a good description, I think! It could all be a fluke and nary a flake might fall from the sky though it is coming down plenty four hours away at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, much to the delight of skiers.

    Jannie Funster -
    Those brilliant yellow trees are acacias and, yes, it's just one of many things flowering now that are causing grief for allergy sufferers ( me included ) have a spot on your "wall of friends" would, indeed, be an honor. It is such a special place!

    hip-chick -
    I'm glad your son is taking care of our beautiful shores. Is he career in the Coast Guard?

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I'm off to Santa Cruz in the morning for an overnight with two friends. Sony Holland ( my
    jazz singer friend ) will be performing with her husband. I'll see her there, then head back for her San Francisco performance on Sunday. Maybe I'll miss any snow flurries.

  12. Catching up. Stay warm! Hope all is well in your world. x

    Ps: Tripe? yuk.

  13. Post a photo if it does snow!

  14. Ooohhh... Carmen, I am excited to see you so excited about snow...!! Can I bring some of my own too?! :) Maaaannn.. I love winters!!!
    And your 55 made me love 'em even more!!