Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Watery Wednesday #125 & Wordless Wednesday - The Restless Sea - Pebble Beach, CA - February 2, 2011

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  1. Absolutely beautiful...you just can't beat the Pacific!!!

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  2. Beautiful pics! My fav is the second to last one.

  3. I'm enjoying your photos Carmen, as we're buried under the snow!

  4. I enlarged all the photos, and decided my favourite is the last one - the distant hills rising out of the morning mist, while the sun reflects from the nearby water!!!

  5. Oh, so beautiful. I miss the water. Just wondering if you'd let me use one of your poems in my writing section and then offer a copy of your book as a giveaway? Email me or leave me a comment on my blog. I enjoy my visits here.

  6. Love the blue sky and the blue water. Happy Wednesday!
    Watery Wednesday

  7. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sooooo nice to see GREEN grass! I miss it!

  8. Beautiful scenes for my day.

  9. The ocean is always so awesome!

  10. Restless Sea - that's great.

  11. You have taken amazing photographs Carmen!

  12. HOOTIN' ANNI -
    I do love living over here on the West Coast, with the Pacific only a few miles from my door. It's moods are so varied and I am always out there with my camera!

    Cris -
    The Monterey Peninsula is such a beautiful place. I love all the areas - Carmel is a bit pricey for me but I love to spend a few hours there, then head to Monterey. At least every couple of years, I'll do the 17-mile drive.

    ***Icy BC -
    I guess, right now, there's no getting to your Belle Isle Conservatory to see the flowers. You should sit tight and stay out of that snow!!! It looks so terrible on the news.

    Judy -
    I had a friend who stayed at the Inn at Spanish Bay, a very posh hotel there on the 17-mile drive. You can see a little of it in the last photo. It's right on a golf course - it's sister property is Pebble Beach. I don't know how they can play golf with the beautiful vistas in front of them.

    Mountain Woman -
    I already responded to your questions on your blog...waiting to get your address to send the poetry books. I enjoyed reading some of your original blog posts. I was so sad to hear about Allan! And very happy that you met your
    Mountain Man.

    Kim, USA -
    The CA coast is so beautiful, from top to bottom.

    sheila -
    Our grass is always green in the rainy summer months but it turns "gold" in the summer when we don't have any rain. Sadly, it is the fire season.

    rainfield61 -
    Glad you enjoyed my California Pacific scenes.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I don't know how I'd ever live more than a short drive from the ocean. It is so therapeutic for me.

    secret agent woman -
    That particular ocean area is quite turbulent. I think it has something to do with the currents there, coming together. People don't swim in the water in that area.

    Bhavesh Chhatbar -
    It's not hard to take nice photos with scenery like that, Bhavesh!

  13. The last photo is especially poignant--a lonely scene.


    The water pipes are freezing,
    I cannot get a drink;
    The water pipes are freezing
    Underneath the sink.

    I wish some kindly plumber
    Would come with flame and wrench,
    So I could get some water
    My raging thirst to quench!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Frosted Window

  14. These are beautiful! I've never been to Pebble Beach. Thanks for taking me there. :-)

  15. ah.. restless sea indeed.
    beautifully shot photos. great composition and light. it has been a long time since I have been out to California. thanks for bringing california to me. <3 happy valentine's day.