Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday, #144, Cheers, February 20, 201

I enjoy a Grey Goose martini, on occasion, and, several years ago, when I found
these extra large martini glasses on sale at Macy's for half price ( they were
originally $15 each ), I bought eight.  Made in the Czech Republic, I thought they
were very elegant, especially with my specialty, Ginger Drop Martinis, in them. 
The downside is that, because of their size, they are hard to store!  I've also been
glad to have three living room couches so friends can stay over when we've had
a couple!

They make pretty shadows.

Here are the glasses.  My friend is selling hers but I've got more than enough.  With
my impending move, I should sell mine, too, but I love them!

I am participating in Shadow Shot Sunday - check out the site and join in the fun!


  1. I've often thought about what I will get rid of when I move to a smaller place. There are some things I'd have a hard time letting go of.

  2. Cool! Now I like martini glasses filled and unfilled.. What kind of flower/shrub/tree is on your header with those gorgeous yellow flowers?

  3. Hmmm, ginger drop martini. I like the sound of that. Hope your search for a new home is doing well. The "Irresistibly Sweet Award" is waiting for you over at my blog, Come get it when you have a chance. The URL is

  4. Hello Carmen ! ... and you are a Libra too ! : )
    Love those martini glasses .. some times you just have to treat yourself right ?
    That tree in your head is gorgeous ! Now that would make me think SPRING big time !

  5. beautiful glasses

  6. Love the pictures!! The shadows look like the glasses have rings, but in fact they do not. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. To the observant eye, shadows can be found most everywhere!


    A seeker of shadows one day
    Did trip as she went on her way;
    She picked herself up
    And dipped from a cup
    Of shadowy lemon parfait!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Memories

  8. Cheers! the first photo made me want to celebrate right away. I already figured it out. hahaha.

  9. That IS an interesting shadow- I like the stripes.

  10. Works of art, they are! I say, keep them! They make lovely dessert containers. Why not serve a spring salad in them too? One size trifle portions, a special floating flower arrangement, jello martinis...many, many possibilities.

  11. Your photos are TOO cool! How creative you are.

  12. I couldn't have parted with them either. Great pics.

  13. secret agent woman -
    I've gotten rid of 45 pairs of shoes and a ton of other stuff but I still don't seem to be making much headway!

    Leslie -
    Someone told me the tree on my header is an acacia. They are blooming everywhere here and grow huge. I looked it up on Wikipedia and is quite interesting.

    Su-sieee! Mac -
    I may be living in my van for awhile...don't have first and last month's rent to get a new place right now. Have exhausted all my savings in the two years since my job ended and, my $2300/month rent here takes my entire pension. I think I'll spend a month in GA, seeing friends and my mother, who had a stroke a year ago - she doesn't know me but I need to see her.
    I'm putting things in storage....may even go to India for a few month since I have enough frequent flyer miles.

    Thanks for the award, you're very sweet, yourself.

    CanadianGardenJoy -
    We do deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile, I agree. My birthday is October 3 - for the past 20 years, I have usually celebrated it somewhere away from home - but, since my nursing job of 21 years ended in massive budget cuts 2 years ago, I was home for my 66th birthday. 65 and 64, was in Rome, getting ready to sail on Mediterranean cruises!!

    sm -
    I do like those elegant glasses. They remind me of ones I used at a wonderful Indian restaurant in London. My girlfriend and I had
    "rose petal martinis" there - beautiful pale pink concoctions with a single ruby rose petal floating in them - tres elegant!

    Jeanette -
    I thought it was interesting that the glasses looked like they had rings but, you're right, they were clear. Wonder why the shadows were like that.

    Magical Mystical Teacher -
    I always love to see what rhymes you come up with to respond to my posts. You are the most creative soul!

    Ruthi -
    Cheers to you. Let's have a martini.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I can't figure out why the shadows have stripes when the glass don't. Strange.

    Paula Scott -
    Definitely, multiple use glasses and they are so elegant. I think I will hang on to them until there are no more. I like your suggestions for their other uses.

    forgetmenot -
    Glad you like my pictures. Visit again, please.

    Indrani -
    Some things I got rid of very easily - but these were just too special.

  14. Anonymous9:02 AM

    These are lovely shadow subtle and soothing!

    You very kindly visited my page some time ago and I am woefully late in getting back to you. You have a great blog...I will definitely stop by again...:)