Saturday, February 19, 2011

Camera Critters, #150, Day of the Iguana, February 19, 2011

Iguanas are native to Central and South America and the Caribbean.  I am not especially
attracted to them but some people keep them as pets.  I have seen them most often on visits
to Mexico and Puerto Rico where I have requested they keep their distance from me.  They
have not always obliged!

I am participating in that delightful meme, Camera Critters!
Check it out and join in the fun!


  1. it seems strange to me to be seeing these little creatures running about. I suppose it is what you're used to.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. I like the way iguanas look but sometimes they startle me a little when I suddenly notice one close by.

  3. I think they are cool looking critters, great photo.

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Lovely shot. I do like iguanas...

  5. Cool photo. I have never seen one in real life!

  6. Really, Carmen? Did you get chased by iguanas?
    This is a fine specimen you have photographed here. An ideal camera critter.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. They have not always obliged? Ok, so I'm ruling out those two locales from the places I could potentially travel to one day.
    I went to Florida last summer and was a little traumatized by those teeny tiny lizards.

  8. You have a very nice header that outshines the iguana.

  9. Fantastic shot of the lizard.

  10. eileeninmd -
    Iguanas are not the cuddly type creature I like...I figure they are attractive only to thr mothers!

    ladyfi -
    It amazes me how many people are telling me they like these guys. I hated sitting in the park in San Juan. I had visions of being carried off by iguanas.

    EG Wow -
    I've sen more of these than I want to see. I don't love them.

    Kay L. Davies -
    I never was chased by an iguana but I was certainly inundated by them - and they grow VERY large!

  11. Maggie May -
    Iguanas aren't necessarily little - I've seen some almost a foot long!

    secret agent woman -
    I think these iguanas look like prehistoric creatures!

    Sandra -
    Iguanas definitely don't fall in the teeny weeny department and they like to share sunbathing space!

  12. chubskulit -
    To me, these creepy crawly creatures are not what I'd call cute!

    rainfield61 -
    Isn't that acacia tree just glorious!! They are bloomig everywhere around here and, even in all the rain we've had lately, they make the world brilliant!

  13. Rajesh -
    If you have iguanas like that, I may have to rethink my trip to India!!

  14. What a great photo -- he's quite impressive! Reminds me of my grandmother's stories of her visit (as a kid) to the Philippines and how the iguanas would crawl on the ceiling over their heads -- I always thought that was a bit worrisome. Even more so seeing the size of this one! :-)