Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "T" Is for Tripe - February 24, 2011

Tripa ala fiorentina by avlxyz

"T" is for tripe,
I think it's quite yummy,
Though many won't let it,
Enter their tummy!

This stomach of beef,
Or sheep, pigs or goats,
Can't make it down,
Some people's throats.

Tripe needs preparation,
And a good cleaning, too,
Slow simmering till tender,
Is what one must do.

Then one adds the things,
That make it sublime,
Garlic, spices, tomatoes,
And pour on the wine!

From Mexican menudo,
To andouille of France,
Honeycomb tripe,
Is not looked at askance!

tripe by acme

I ate tripe last Friday,
A taste of old Italy,
The dish was as fine,
As any could be!

Don't turn up your nose,
Without trying a bite,
You may finally decide,
That tripe is all right!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy
February 24, 2011

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alpabe- Thursday - check out the site and join in the fun!


  1. YUK oh I am sorry how rude the meal you are showing actually looks wuite tasty but my father a geordie used to make it in milk the smell was disgudting and had green scum hence my yuk

  2. How do you manage a poem every week!?!?? And a poem about tripe at that! Amazing lady.

  3. Oh Lord. My mother tried shoveling tripe into me as a kid...never again!

    I'm sure there is a lot of "tripe" in the White House. But it would be remiss of me not to say Happy (belated) Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  4. We used to have tripe at school Carmen. It put me off for life! Yuk!!

  5. Hello Carmen.

    As usual, you do not fail to wow me with your poems. Although I am not sure if I'll really love the dish above but as you've mentioned, one must try a bite as I might then find it all right. :)

    Have a lovely day, Carmen!

  6. Lovely poem....not so lovely tripe.

  7. I think I will need to take your word for it.

  8. I'm one of those that won't eat tripe. I just can't stomach it. Great poem, Carmen!

  9. love your writing ... so not a fan of tripe ...

  10. Carmen, I am very glad that you have visited my country so many times! ....88 trips in 15 years, wow! Thats great!
    I am one of those person that can't it this dish but it is very apreciated here!

  11. manuela6:12 PM

    interesting to see tripe so differently prepared - i'm used to it in a white, slightly sour cream-soup - yum :). i imagine these dishes you show are yum, too, if one goes for tripe at all.

  12. Theres no way I could or would eat tripe! (Even though it looks good!)
    Love your poem.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  13. Yum. Menudo is one of my favorite dishes. since we have quite a few Mexican restaurants in the area, I'm having fun trying out different ones. So far nothing stands out as exceptional. Long ago, when I was a kid and innards were more trustworthy, my mom used to make a raw dish out of parboiled tripe that was delightful.

  14. most Chinese will eat anything, except my husband. So I don't prepare Tripe. No fun eating alone.

  15. hi carmen, just stopping by from miss jenny's... thanks for your sweet comments... i am looking for a healthy future... without tripe though thx! blessings..s....

  16. I ate them for the first time in Italy and loved it ! Lots of people find it disgusting, lol !They don't know what they miss !

  17. Anonymous7:43 AM

    i have never had tripe... but i have to say, this probably the first time i have seen someone say good things about it :)

  18. You must try the peruvian version of that food. Amazing!!!



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  19. I love your poem!! Many of us have had tripe without even knowing it! It is actually quite tasty, folks, so give it a try!!

  20. yummy...

    Greetings, Happy Firday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!

  21. Tracy -
    Perhaps, if I had eaten tripe as you describe, I wouldn't like it...but my experiences with it have been delicious!

    RedTedArt -
    I think I was six when I wrote my first poem! Tripe wasn't too hard...I think "Liver and Onions" was more difficult for me. It appears in "Life's Journey" - my first published poetry book, available on ( I was 65 when I finally got on published! ).

    Nick Thomas -
    There isn't much I don't like to eat. I used to not like poi, now I like it. I keep trying sea urchin but I it still hasn't become something I relish!!! I wish I were a picky eater!

    Retiredandcrazy -
    I guess the way I've had tripe fixed, it was deliious - and so I really enjoy it...those Italians do it very nicely.

    MaxiVelasco -
    Probably I could really do a great poem on the merits of creme brulee, my favorite dessert. I am sure that would appeal to a lot more people!

    hip-chick -
    It just goes to show, one can write poetry about anything...I do like tripe, though.

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    My next foodie poem might have to be about raw oysters...I really like those, too. I wonder how many dozen I've consumed in my life.

    ~✿~Icy BC -
    While tripe isn't my number one food choice, it is what I choice the other day when I had lunch at the Gold Mirror with Jo. It's a really great Italian restaurant in SF and I knew they would do it well..and they did.

    Jo -
    I truly appreciate that you like my writing...whether or not you like tripe.

    Isabel -
    I actually CRUISED 88 times...I didn't visit Barcelona all those time. But I have been to your lovely city about fifteen times, both on ships, just for a day, or on land visits for onger stays. I just love it.

    manuela -
    You're a traveler, too, so I imagine you have tried many things. I usually try anything once...whether I will eat it again is a different story!

    Maggie May -
    In my travels here and there about the world, I have eaten some pretty strange things. Of course, being from Georgia in the South, we eat things not eaten in the rest of the country!

    Su-sieee! Mac -
    I had menudo the other day and I was really disappointed. It was mainly broth with very little in it. I used to make it myself and it was full of tripe, pig's feet, and hominy. I always doubled the amount of tripe.

    Ann -
    Lucky for me, I'll go out to a restaurant alone if I want somethingno one else eats.

    sarah -
    I know there are folks who just won't eat some of the things I like. To each his own, I always say.

    Gattina -
    I had tripe just the other day at a wonderful Italian restaurant in San Francisco - it was so wonderful, full of garlic, onions, tomatoes - every bit absolutely delicious!

    Kamana -
    I've been eating tripe - and preparing it - most of my life. Living in the San Francisco area, with so many different ethnicities, I get to try things I would never have been exposed to had I stayed in my birthplace, Columbus, Georgia!

    Irredento Urbanita -
    I think you are from Peru, of my greatest regrets is that I never got there to visit Machuma Picchu. It was always my dream, that and to see Iguzu Falls, which I did. I lov ceviche and I know it originated in Peru. I also love anticuchos and good Peruvian pisco!

    Judie -
    Aha, your vote has evened up those of us who actually have actually had tripe and like it!

  22. Jingle -
    Thanks for friendship awards and for your lovely poems, always!

  23. I'm gonna be honest here.

    As a kid my family was mighty poor and brains, liver, tongue and tripe were constantly on the dinner table...low in price, easy to get hold of.

    I know tripe is a delicacy but somehow I cannot look at it without shuddering. But I'm glad it makes you happy!

    Thanks for an interesting stop this week on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter 't'.

    It's always fun to see what you're up to Miss Carmen.