Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #107, Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon, February 7, 2011

Here are more photos of the Napa Valley hot air balloon experience.  We took
off about 7AM from Domaine Chandon Vineyards in Yountville, CA.  There
were about twenty other hot air balloons up with us.  It was a beautiful sight,
with all of us soaring over the valley.

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  1. Lovely series of yellow photos! I have still not braved the hot air experience, but I do watch them glide around the Mornington Peninsula.

  2. wonderful perspectives and compositions!!

  3. You rode this hot air balloon? Wow, you're so brave...

  4. Hello, RNSANE
    What a great angle!
    You must have enjoyed lovely aerial trip very much.
    I can't do this kind of trip at all
    because I have acrophobia ・・・

    Thank you for your wonderful shot!

  5. Anonymous2:28 AM

    oh wow. i have always wanted to go on one! and i was surprised to know you love indian films. didnt you just love guzaarish? i was disappointed he didnt get the award for best actor too.

  6. Beautiful! Here in Hunterdon County, NJ we have a lot of hot air balloons flying overhead in Spring, Summer and Fall... I love to see them all! It's like magic in the sky... :)
    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  7. Wow this is amazing and I love the color. It's one of my wish to ride on a hot air balloon. Happy Monday!
    Mellow Yellow Monday

  8. wow, what a lovely site. Here's mine:


  9. I love balloon festival. Last autumn we went to see balloon and I immediately fell in love with it!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  10. these are some amazing pictures, Carmen! I love, love that first one, and also the last, with its lovely atmosphere.

  11. The first one looks almost like a flower.

  12. oh wow, what a beautiful and splendid yellow Carmen, the first one looks very interesting.

  13. Greyscale Territory -
    Do go if you ever get the chance. I'm so glad I did it the two times I went!

    magiceye -
    Litte did I know I'd use those ballooning pictures in a blog someday!

    snowwhite -
    You wouldn't believe I did it if you knew how scared I am of open heights. Even bridges scare me if I'm on the outside lane an can see the water!

    Kamana -
    The same day I saw "Guzaarish", I saw another tear jerker - Kajol and Kareena Kapoor in "We Are Family." I belong to a great DVD service called Netflix that has an incredible seletion of foreign films. I like it because I can rewind it if I miss something on the subtitles.

    Ash -
    If it weren't so expensive, I would have gone more ofte but, even back then, with a coupon, it was $100. I don't know what the rates are today.

    Leslie -
    I am honored to have you as a follower. You have a beautiful way with words - hot air balloons ARE like magic in the sky. Every time I see them, my spirits just soar with them.

    Kim, USA -
    I do hope you get to do a hot air balloon ride one of these days. It is an incredible experience.

    sm -
    My Indian friend, I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos. I saw two recent sad films from your country, "Guzaarish" and "We Are Family" - I really enjoyed them both.

    melandria -
    For some reason, your site didn't load. I will try again.

    Y. Ikeda -
    In our country, Albequerque, New Mexico probably has the biggest balloon festival - the pictures of the sky filled with all those balloons are incredible.

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    So you have hot air ballooning over Sicily - such beautiful scenery, I'd think it would be popular.

    Manuela -
    It's quite wonderful except the noise when they fill the balloon as you're soaring...the blast from the burners is too loud, messes up the serentity you're feeling!

    Sharkbytes -
    The balloon is lying on its side and, as the hot air slowly fills it, it lifts up. Tethers hold it while passengers board and then it is released and soars into the heavens.

  14. Great captures on the yellow for today. I feel like going on a ride. :-)

  15. I love this place. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. hey there! I just followed your blog, visit and follow mine 2! tnx.

  17. Hot air ballooning has always been one of my personal fantasies...It just looks like so much fun!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  18. Whoo..Carmen, you're in a hot air balloon? That must be just awesome..Beautiful photos!

  19. Joanna Jenkins -
    I wish I had the money to go ballooning again at Napa. It is so beautiful soaring over the vineyards!

    betchai -
    That's a shot of the balloon from underneath, lying on the ground, before it is inflated with any air. It is slowly filled, until it, and the basket are upright.

    Self Sagacity -
    You and hubby should do a romantic Napa weekend and go hot air ballooning. Only bad thing is, you have to be ready for take off about 7AM!

    Bacolod and Beyond -
    Thank you so much for stopping here and come back sometime!!

    Rajesh -
    Pretty daring, huh? It's one of the bravest things I've done...except parasailing in Mexico was even more daring!! I did that twice.

    Clavs38 -
    I will definitely stop by your blog. Thanks for becoming a follower. I am delighted.

    Thoughtfully Blended Hearts -
    I hope you'll try hot air ballooning. I really did enjoy it. At least, the second time I wasn't so terrified.

    ***Icy BC -
    You need to win the lottery to balloon on a regular basis but it is definitely worth saving to do it once. It is such a fun thing to do, especially if your soaring over magnificent scenery!

  20. I always love to see the colorful hot air balloons float by.

  21. I am not sure I will survive up there, although it looks like so much fun. Well if I go, I will need to have drank a couple of shots of tequila. :-)