Friday, October 24, 2014

Looking Back - October 24, 2014

Three years ago, I did it, 
I went through all my things,
Downsizing, giving away so much,
With necessity, retirement brings.

I found that I could do it,
By keeping treasures dear,
Telling myself I'd see them,
In some future year.

With super help from Jeremy,
My stalwart athletic son,
At last, it all was over,
My Canterbury life was done!

I finally boarded my flight,
Two months overdue,
A bedraggled weary traveler,
When those 7000 miles were through.

At last, I'd returned to India,
Fourteen years away,
But I felt at home with many friends,
Acquired each cruising day.

Four months I stayed with Santos,
And my lovely "family" there,
It made my life in India,
Begin without a care.

Next time I went to Jaipur,
A most amazing place,
With memories made and friendships,
That time cannot erase.

Back home to spend eight months,
With the sweetest grandchild ever,
Whoever knew a little girl,
Could be so very clever!!!

Who says that growing older,
Still can't be much fun,
I've realized a dream,
And I still am not quite done!!!

It must have been my destiny,
That Virginia Lynch and I were here,
To share ten days together,
In this country we both hold dear!!!

I've even found martinis,
That meet my discerning taste,
And I'm happy to report,
I've lost pounds around my waist.

As long as I can manage,
With my creaky joints and such,
I'll commute between two countries,
That I love so much!

Carmen Henesy

copyright Carmen Henesy October 24, 2014


  1. You are having such fun! Kudos for making it happen.

  2. You took a big leap to achieve your dream, making it happen. Everything else is just small potatoes. Congratulations.

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