Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Auto Rickshaw and Me - August 25, 2013

The little auto rickshaw,
That I use most every day
Instills in me great fear,
I won’t live another day.

On Mumbai’s crowded streets,
Where twenty million thrive,
They whiz in and out of traffic,
Like a creature that’s alive.

Black and yellow vehicles,
That hold just two or three,
Will never be the ride of choice,
For a coward such as me.

Their little putt putt engine,
Strains with all its might,
To see them out in numbers,
Is really quite a sight.

They are mostly open air,
Which can truly be a pain,
At certain times of year,
When there is monsoon rain.

They really are quite daring,
Darting all about,
Stopping inches from the car ahead,
While I suppress a shout.

They don’t possess a seat belt,
So you have to hold on tight,
My fingers have indentions,
Where I’ve gripped with all my might.

The local folks seem quite at ease,
More relaxed, than me, by far.
I feel like I’m at a carnival,
Riding in a dodge ‘em car!

The drivers are kamikazes,
Who won’t admit defeat,
As they steer their little vehicles,
Usually driving in bare feet!

I think they get great pleasure,
Seeing panic in my eyes,
But I am slowly overcoming it,
Much to my surpise.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © August 25, 2013 by Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. lol! A wonderful versification of an auto ride!!

    1. It's amazing, Deepak,I can even write a rickshaw now and play Scrabble online. I know I should watch for imminent death but I have goten better about it am I becoming an Indian?

  2. What a great poem, Carmen to accompany those photos!

    1. Thank you, Icy. In the height of rush hour traffic, it is pretty terrifying to be in a rickshaw. I think each ride will be my last!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Pat...not a love sonnet but it seems most of my poetry is rather comical these days.

  4. They have those in Thailand too and they call them TukTuk. Great poem here too.

    1. Yes, Ruthie, I've ridden on them in Bangkok - equally terrifying!

  5. Good read,interesting description & that Carmen touch.
    You are a class apart.
    Keep in touch

    1. Hello, my very favorite doctor in India ( actually, you're right up there in the tops with all the doctors I know in the entire world ). Why can't I write love poetry so easily? I guess because I don't have a sweetheart. What have I been doing wrong?

  6. The way most of the world drives motor vehicles is pretty scary

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