Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's in India

Since I arrived in India,
I've felt love everywhere,
In unexpected places,
Folks show me that they care.

I may not get a valentine,
Or roses smelling sweet,
But there are many other things,
That make me feel complete.

Old friends made me feel welcome,
New friends have come along,
All are special people,
Who make me feel that I belong.

Who knows what Valentine's might bring,
If I get shot by Cupid's dart,
I might meet a special someone,
From whom I'll never want to part!

But if that doesn't happen, 
I'm happy on this day,
My dream was to be in India,
Just wish I had a longer stay!

Carmen Henesy
Valentine's 2012

Copyright ( c ) Feb 13, 2012
by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved


  1. manuela4:28 PM

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I hope you had a special Valentine's day, Manuela. I miss you.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Carmen. that is a lovely poem.. Am so happy you have embraced India so much and it has given back to you in so many ways. check your FB Inbox :)

    1. I had a very nice Indian Valentine's of my best in a long, it was nice to get back "home" after 17 days away.

  3. Hope your wish comes true!
    Lovely lines.

    1. Thanks, Indrani. I'm back in Mumbai after 17 days away. Next trip will be to Pune for a few days, then to Bangalore.

  4. Replies
    1. I had one of my nicest Valentine's days ever.

  5. Happy V-day to you, my friend!

    1. Joan, I must get to your blog and see how you and Om spent Valentine's day....I am trying to keep up but seems like I am further and further behind.

  6. You truly love India, don't you Carmen? Happy belated Valentine's Day to you :)

    1. Yes, Zephyr, I really do love India...even more so now that I have gotten to spend two months here. I am sad, beyond belief, that I now have less than two months left here.

  7. i love your happy V-day poem Carmen, I am so glad India is treating you so well, enjoy the rest of your stay there, belated happy Valentine to you.

    1. It's been a great trip, thus far. When I get home, I'll be sad but I'm hoping to get down your way and I'll expect you to help cheer me up!

  8. Wow!!! Le tue foto sono fantastiche!
    Condivido il tuo amore per l'India, perché è un paese meraviglioso.
    E' stato un piacere fare la tua conoscenza!!!
    Ciao dall'Italia ^__^

  9. Hi Carmen, It's great to hear how happy you are in India. It's been quite a trip.
    Hope your Valentine's was fun.
    xo jj

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