Saturday, February 04, 2012

More of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - February 4, 2012

I have so many photographs and upload time is very slow.  Also, daily, my
wonderful driver, Lala, picks me up and we are off again, adding to the
photo collection.  My friend and colleague, Virginia Lynch, arrived about
11PM on February 1st so we are ensconced at the Jaipur Ramada where
our conference will take place.  It is a large American hotel, of course,
modern and efficient, good staff - but I am missing my lovely heritage hotel,
the Umaid Mahal.

Yesterday, I picked up the three outfits I had made.  They are beautiful
though I haven't tried them all.  I must do that today since we leave at 8PM
tomorrow night, on a sleeper train, for Patiala in the Punjab.  We will be
guests there at the home of Rakesh Gorea, MD, who is a professor at
Rama Medical College.  He is a forensic pathologist and forensic
odontologist so Virginia and I will benefit greatly from his company.  Of
course, Virginia was in India for six months, in the past, spreading the
word about forensic nursing.

Jaipur has a huge variety of modes of transportation....bicycles, bicycle rick-
shaws, autorickshaws, cars, taxis, motorcycles, camels, camel carts, elephants...
just to name some of them.  It is something to see a camel cart, moving
forward in lines of traffic.  Amazingly, the camels look quite placid midst all the
horns blaring, and traffic whizzing around them.

Bicycle rickshaws on a busy street

Rajasthan is famous for its painted elephants and a huge elephant
festival is held here every year.

A cheerful auto rickshaw

Rajasthan does have a helmet law...people are more compliant here, than in 
Mumbai about wearing them and, often, both passengers on a motorcycle will 
be wearing them.  I am always lecturing, as I pass by, when I see someone
without the chin strap fastened.  Here, as in the rest of India, you may see both 
parents and two children on a bike.  That always makes me so anxious!!

Cows are everywhere, running loose, walking the streets.  They look quite 
healthy and well fed, these sacred beasts.  They forage on garbage, finding 
greens and vegetables and they, also, don't seem bothered by traffic passing.
Most of the time, we pass a random one or two but, sometimes, there are 
herds of them...and that can certainly disrupt traffic.

There are also monkeys here and there.  My driver, Lala, cautioned
me not to get too close to these.  He says they will, sometimes, attack.

Such a cutie!

I didn't find this pig as cute.

There are many beautiful buildings, palaces and arches in the city.  I love 
riding around the old town.  

Band members after a parade

Vendors are everywhere.  You see them setting up shop on carts, blankets laid
out on the street, selling everything from vegetables and fruits to pottery, 
beautiful mirrored Rajasthani umbrellas - all sorts of things    

The Rajasthani dress is different from the saris I've grown used to
seeing in Mumbai.

Little boy who approached my taxi to ask for money

His sister

This is the, Jah Mahal, the water palace that was used by maharajas for their summer retreats

Colorful laundry


Beautiful architecture

Jaipur apartment building

Rajasthani umbrellas of beautiful colors


  1. Beautiful captures from Jaipur. Wish I too could visit.

    1. Jaipur was wonderful. I am so glad I got to spend a whole week there. It is a place I would visit again.

  2. What great shots of all those critters and how neat to have them as a part of everyday life. That elephant tatoo :) is gorgeous. You''ve got enough shots here for Camera Critters to last weeks. Love seeing that camel.

    The architecture is stunning and beautiful shots of the water palace.

    Looks like you're having a blast Carmen, cows, pigs, monkeys and all :) xoxo

    1. I love Jaipur...I think I could live here for awhile. It is quite different from Mumbai, of course, and that's what I like.

      It is amazing to see all the animals...I have so many pictures I haven't posted. I'll do a massive camera critters one of the days...or post by type of critter.

      There are so many beautiful buildings here...of course, this was the home of maharajas.

      Happy birthday, my friend...wish I were there to take you out to dinner. Give Sony and Jelly a big hug from me when you see them.


  3. lovely post with beautiful captures!

    1. Thanks, Deepak. I was very sad when my week in Jaipur drew to a close. It was a special place.

  4. Wow......u took lots of beautiful pics

    1. Dear Jidhu...I'm trying to catch up with you in the photography department...but I never will. xxxooo

  5. Driver Lala is a lovely photographer.All transportation's pictures are very looking like e.g bicycle rick-
    shaws, autorickshaws, cars, taxis, motorcycles, camels, camel carts,

    1. Lala was such an important person to me in Jaipur. We were together for three days for almost ten hours - and shorter periods other days. I nearly cried when I said goodbye to him at the Jaipur train station. We will keep in touch.

      You taxi drivers are pretty important people.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a painted elephant. And that boy's eyes are very interesting.

    1. I wish I could be in Jaipur March 25th when they have their elephant festival...all of them will be pained! I so much enjoyed my week there....a favorite place in India, now.

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  8. Wow! love the animals! be sure to post some pics of you in your outfits, Carmen!

    1. Can you believe, I haven't even tried one of my new outfits on yet....I hope they fit! I will definitely post photos.

  9. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Thank you so very much for your effort and these great images of your environment ! Difficult to say which is best, yet picture two and four I like much; the last series of the market is also great.

    Please continue to have a good time and have a good new week ahead.

    1. Robert, I've never taken so many pictures as I did in Rajasthan...all the animals intrigued me. I'll have camera critters for a long time to come.

  10. I echoed Jo's comment! It's amazing to see those critters roaming around among people like that!

    1. I was forever in agony, worrying about dogs, especially all the puppies, getting run over on the street. Surprisingly, I never saw any animal get hit. Of course, the cows are sacred and people slow down to allow them to pass or cross.

  11. Great photos! I especially like the painted elephant!

  12. The elephants were amazing. On March 25, they hold an elephant festival and I understand they go all out with the paintings then.

  13. Amazing pictures in this post and the following one. So much culture to absorb.

  14. The elephants are beautiful! Such amazing animals. Gorgeous pics!

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