Monday, February 20, 2012

The Eternity - Meeting the Editor in New Delhi - February 21, 2012

Several years ago, in My Space, I met Harekrushna Mahanta, editor of
"The Eternity", a magazine published twice a year in India.  It has a spiritual
focus in its poems, art work, essays, articles and the like.  While most of my
poetry really is not spiritual in nature, Mr. Mahanta has chosen to publish
several of my works in "The Eternity" which I consider an honor.  "Travel
Thoughts" has appeared in its pages, along with two poems about India,
"The Taj Mahal" and "The Peacock", which is the national bird of India.
During a recent visit to New Delhi, I had the privilege of finally meeting Mr.
Mahanta and a colleague of his, Hindu poet and meditation and yoga
instructor, Dr. Dhanpal Tembharey,  They came to my hotel, with flowers
for Virginia Lynch and me and brought copies of the last issue of "The
Eternity" with a thumbnail photo of me on the cover as a contributor
from the United States.  Inside, there was a picture of my poetry book,
"Life's Journey" and  my poem, Rainbows" also appeared in this issue of
the magazine.

My friend, Virginia, took a number of photographs of the occasion, I
presented Mr. Mahanta with a Sony Holland CD and Dr. Tembharey
prsented me with two of his books, written in Hindi.  I can see that I
definitely must learn the language!

Wearing my silk kurta and pants made at 
Village Textile in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

With my Indian jhumka

Flowers from Harekrushna Mahanta and Dr. Dhanpal Tembharey

My poetry book, "Life's Journey"

My gold mojeres

Harekrushna Mahanta, editor of "The Eternity"

For subscriptions to this magazine, or to buy issues, go online to:


  1. That was a wonderful experience for you, Carmen! and I absolutely love your outfit. You look superb so the holiday must be doing you good.

  2. How cool is that! Love the pic with the mask... it really shows off your beautiful eyes and smile!

  3. Congratulations on the publication Carmen.

    Your love for India is amazing :)

  4. You no more look like an American anymore.

  5. Sounds like it was a really great meeting. And I don't usually notice things like this, but I really like the clothes you are wearing in these pictures.

  6. I like your outfit, and congratulation Carmen! You're famous!

  7. Carmen, what a wonderful adventure you are having. You seem to be right smack dab in your element. Enjoy every minute!

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