Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #178 - A Palm at San Francisco's Cliff House - October 16, 2011

Friday was such a glorious sunny day, I stopped briefly at the Cliff House
to shoot some pictures, on my way home from the CPMC travel clinic.  I'd
just gotten my final two travel vaccines, one in each arm - a Japanese
encephalitis and my pre-rabies vaccine ( hope I won't need the real thing! ).
India here I come.

I am participating in Shadow Sot Sunday, #178 -
check out the site and join in the shadow fun!


  1. Welcome to India! I hope you will be able to see the beautiful parts of India, and not the ugly parts. Wish you a very enriching and enjoyable experience! Hope we could meet each other some time.

  2. Gorgeous shadow!

    Our shadow, have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Nice palm tree shadow. I had to get a total of 8 vaccinations for my Africa trip - maybe my least favorite part of foreign travel!

  4. A glorious shadow from California. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. That is one place I never will get to visit. Take care.

  5. Have a safe trip, love the shadow of the palm...May India be as good to you as you are to the world. :)

  6. Nice. I like the way we don't see the real tree at all.

  7. lotusleaf -
    Indeed, we must meet! Of course, everyplace has its problem areas but I always look for the beauty and that is certainly abundant in the people of India!

    colleen -
    Glad you like the palm shadow. It is so clean and distinct.

    King of the New York Hacks -
    Thank you for the sweet comment. I am sad that my trip will be a month shorter than planned because of the delay in my move. I'm flying instead, via, Korea so I'll stop a couple of days in Seaoul which is kind of exciting...I've never been to Korea!

    chubskulit -
    Thank you for visiting my shadow shot! It's always nice to see you.

    secret agent woman -
    I think I had about eight vaccinations...but you probably got yellow fever and I didn't have to have that one. I don't like the idea of having to take doxycycline for six ( actually, seven, overall ) months - for malaria prevention!

    LV -
    Your good wishes are much appreciated. I will do my best to have a wonderful time and to blog as much as possible!

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