Monday, July 04, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Monaco Police - July 5, 2011

This was an exciting week in Monaco with the wedding of His Serene
Highness, Prince Albert to Charlene Wittstock of South Africa.  The
bride, elegant in every way, bore an uncanny resemblance to the
last Serene Highness of Monaco, Albert's mother, the former Grace
Kelly of Philadelphia who tragically died in a car accident in 1982.

The citizens of Monaco were very much a part of the two day wedding
celebration - the civil ceremony which took place this past Friday, July
1, 2011 in the palace throne room where Grace Kelly married Prince
Rainier in 1956 - and the religious ceremony which followed on July
2, 2011.  There were so many people in attendance that the religious
ceremony was held in the palace courtyard rather than in the cathedral
where Albert's parents were married.

I am not sure whether the Monaco police were dressed in more elegant
uniforms for the occasion but, when I was last at Monaco-ville, the old
fortified town which holds the palace, St. Nicholas Cathedral ( the
final resting place of Princess Grace ), and the Oceanographic Museum,
the police were wearing these blue pants with the red stripes.  That
was in October of 2009, for my 65th birthday!

I am participating in Ruby Tuesday - check out the site and add your
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  1. It looked a very fairy-tale occasion but I was a little concerned about the tears, having heard the bride nearly changed her mind! I think the groom's sisters had been a little waspish!

  2. They look like our own policemen here in Catalonia, who have a uniform for the big days. I wouldn't say Catalan police dress uniform is elegant, but it's well worth a photo. :)

  3. It must have been a fantastic occasion. I'm hoping they'll have some souvenir postcards when I'm there in the autumn. If so, I'll send you one. :)

  4. Rinkley Rimes -
    I'm sure she might have gotten cold feet, with the acknowledged two out-of-wedlock children - and, possibly, a third but he seems to love her and, though he's twenty years older, it just might work out. I certainly wish them the best. They look lovely together!

    Josep -
    You know, I didn't even notice the police when I've been in Barcelona. I often do pay attention to police and might even approach them to ask about how rape cases are handled. They didn't seem to be a presence when I was in your part of the world though I know there is a major problem with theft and pickpockets...not from the Catalans but from immigrants.

    Sheila @ A Postcard a Day -
    I would so love to have a postcard. You know, I've been to Monaco five times, I think, perhaps, seven over the years. I was sad when they stopped having postcards with Princess Grace. Every visit, though, I go to St. Nicholas Cathedral to see her grave and, always,
    people have left flowers for her which makes me
    feel good.

  5. what a wonderful time to visit.

  6. I saw the pictures of the wedding online, and they look fabulous. It was not overly broadcast by the media like the one from last month.

  7. Very nicely captured. Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

  8. What a contrast!! They must be lazy everyday.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  9. I'm surprised you were allowed to photograph them! Nice pic, though.

  10. Hello Carmen!

    As usual, thank you for sharing another photo. Clear shot. That's great.

    I haven't heard about this wedding. I guess I really have to read news on telly and the paper more often. Thanks for letting us know about this big day.

    Two-day wedding? Wow! Well, it's a huge celebration for two known people. They deserve it.

    you have a great day, Carmen. Hugs!

  11. you are such a citizen of the world! i sure am not.

  12. Wow another royal wedding!

    My Ruby Tuesday, please come and see.

  13. Catching up, Carmen. I have fond memories of Monaco, a clean and smart place.

    I love your poems and pictures in your previous posts. So many royal weddings this year.

    Great pictures of your lovely smile. Stay well. :)

  14. Hey girl, you're so fortunate to have celebrated your 65th at Monaco. Wish i get to see the place someday :)

  15. hip-chick -
    Unfortunately, I wasn't in Monaco for the Albert-Charlene wedding. My last visit was nearly a year and a half ago for my 65th birthday!

    Icy BC -
    You're right, the Monaco wedding didn't receive nearly the press as the British royals wedding but it was still quite lovely and a good deal of the European royalty attended. Of course, the principality is so tiny, wedged in there between France and Italy, on the Mediterranean!

    DrillerAA09 -
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Monaco wedding post!

    Irredento Urbanita -
    I don't think the Monaco police force is all that busy with crime fighting. I imagine there is not so much criminal activity such as here in the US big cities!

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    Oh, I don't think the Monaco police were aware I
    was photographing them! I was trying to be quite subtle!

    Tes -
    It was really wonderful. I visited Monaco two consecutive years for my birthday - as well as Rome and several other wonderful European cities, such as Barcelona, Florence, and Lucca!

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    For much of my life, I have been blessed to travel over much of the world. I can no longer becaue of my job loss and retirement but I am so appreciative that I have seen so much and met so many incredible folks along the way!

    Glynis -
    I thought Monaco was such a lovely country - pristine and pretty, with such beautiful manicured homes, spectacular Mediterranean views and so much charm! I wasn't crazy about driving on those hairpin curves, though!

  16. Not policemen but members of the little military force of Monaco.

    Policemen are not dressed like that, but both have guns.

  17. Not policemen but members of the little military force of Monaco.

    Policemen are not dressed like that, but both have guns.