Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camera Critters #173 - The Granddogs - July 30, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, when my friend, Meaux, was visiting from New
Orleans, we went up to West Sacramento to see my son, Alex, and his
lovely wife, Laura and my two wonderful granddogs, Bucky and Taffy.
I just love those dogs.  Both are shelter dogs that they've had for almost
two years now. 

Taffy was the first granddog.  She was so shy, Alex and Laura decided
she should have a more rambunctious partner to keep her company. 
Bucky came on the scene a couple of months later.  He is definitely not
shy and he is a bundle of energy.  While Taffy is happy just to lie close
and snuggle, Bucky will snuggle only so long, then he'll go in search of
his rings for a game of tug of war.


Laura and Bucky

Alex and Taffy


I know I really carry on about these two dogs.  They live a hundred miles
away so I don't get to see them too often.  I am always afraid they won't
remember me between visits but they always do and are happy to see me
whenever I am there.  When Alex and Laura go to Hawaii in August for 8
days, I'll go up and stay with Taffy and Bucky while they're away.  I am
really looking forward to being a grandma for all that time!  Can you
imagine what I'll be alike when a baby comes along!

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  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    They are adorable!

  2. oh, what joy Carmen, yes, I can imagine how extra joyful you would be when a baby comes along.

  3. lovely dogs... no matter they are not yours :-)

  4. One of the best quality of dogs is the never seem to forget those who love them ~ no matter how long the time between visits. These guys are handsome.

  5. aww...your grandpups are adorable...wonderful coats...obviously well loved...

  6. O they are wonderful! The dogs definitely are a close part of the whole family! Beautiful photos!

  7. heya bucky and taffy good to cya getting pampered!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  8. It doesn't bother me a bit that you have granddogs! I'm much better with dogs than small children.

  9. Awww..they're such a cutie! :)

  10. Granddogs are great, Carmen. These two will love you SO much after you spend 8 days with them.

    —Kay and Lindy, Alberta, Canada

  11. The doggies are lovely.

  12. They are very cute dogs.
    Lovely photos.


  13. These are gorgeous photos!
    Joe says if you have room for one he'd like to be your grandkid for a week :D


  14. They're really handsome doggies! Wish I could play with them -- even if they are a lot bigger than me!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  15. Is the "baby comes along" a hint to Alex and Laura to get on with it? I heard that Hawaii is a magical place to make wishes come true :-)

  16. Yes, I'd love to see your reaction to a baby! We have a grand-dog, too, and just like grandkids, they're wonderful company but always nice to be alone after the whirlwind leaves!

  17. ladyfi -
    I'm glad you liked my granddoggies!

    Kate -
    Yes, I think I agree with you...dogs, like children, are wonderful company but, as a grandparent, you get to wave goodbye and have peace and quiet when they go!

    Icy BC -
    Well, you're right. I wouldn't mind at all if one of the souveniers Alex and Laura bring back from Hawaii is the beginning of my grandchild! At least there, they might have some time together. Their schedules are so crazy - Laura is a paramedic, working a 5P to 5A shift and Alex works from 3AM to noon and goes to school as well. Their days off don't always coincide, either, so eight days in Hawaii will be great!

    betchai -
    I just don't want to be so old I can't enjoy a it is, I don't think I'll be able to do too much playing down on the floor!

    Dulce -
    They are such nice dogs..and I remember, when Alex told me Taffy was a pit bull, I had a fit. I thought she would be mean and I was worried about how she might be around children. She has the most incredibly sweet disposition. Bucky does, too, though he's a bit larger and needs a firm voice to keep in
    control, sometimes.

    Cheryl -
    I think you're right about dogs remembering who loves them. As soon as I reach their dog, I can hear Taffy and Bucky jumping around, all excited that I'm there. That unconditional love is so wonderful!

    Brian Miller -
    Alex brushes his dogs, even though they have pretty short coats. Bucky really sheds, though Taffy doesn't.

    Gemma Wiseman -
    Ever since I started renting, when the boys were young, we couldn't have a pet. Alex said that, as soon as he had a house of his own, he'd get a dog. A year before they got married, he and Laura bought a house and, a month before they moved in, they were at the shelter and got Taffy! The shelter wanted them to wait until they were out of the apartment to take Taffy so she wouldn't have to adjust to two homes but they insisted on having her right away!

    magiceye -
    ( and bozo ) There's no question that Laura and
    Alex indulge their dogs..though they set limits with them, too. They have some strict rules - such as: no table food and the dogs are not allowed to hang around the table when people are eating!

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I think you can teach dogs to mind and,if you are consistent, they learn well. Children aren't always that way. Dogs are such loyal, wonderful companions. I have hated renting because I've missed having a pet and it's been sad for the boys not to grow up with dogs.

    Tes -
    I think they are pretty cute, myself! I wish I knew what they were like as puppies.

    Kay L. Davies -
    I hope they will not miss Alex and Laura too much. They've never been away from them so long. The most the kids have been gone is a weekend! I've been warned not to give them too many treats - they usually get a cup of dogfood twice a day and rarely get treats ( unless I bring them! ). They get lots of love, though.

    The Chair Speaks -
    I love puppies but, of course, these dogs are neutered and they were 1 and 2 when Alex and Laura got them. I guess I'll have to go to the dog show at the Cow Palace to see puppies. They are just so sweet when they are little.

    Tatjana Parkacheva -
    I'm always amused by my granddogs. Taffy, for instance, has never liked playing with toys. She won't run after a ball or play with a ring and Bucky loves doing that. Once in awhile, he brings the rings to Taffy and, for a minute, she'll pull at them but not for long. He will nip at her and she'll just sit quietly until she's had enough, then she bares her teeth and has that pit bull look and he immediately backs away!

    My Dogspot -
    I'll take Joe for a week anytime!!

    Sylvia K -
    They really like going to the dog park and playing with other dogs - especially Bucky. Taffy is a bit shy, at first.