Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Last Call - July 29, 2011

Most California drivers,
Seem pretty good to me,
But this one clearly isn't,
His rear is in a tree.

I think he might have downed,
More than a beer or two,
And now his life is over,
His driving days are through.

If only there had been a friend,
A designated driver - a different end!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright Carmen Henesy
July 22, 2011

I am participating in Friday Flash 55 - check out Mr. Knowitall's
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  1. Hard life of truck drivers ..
    Always alone, far from all ...
    His lonely thoughts ..
    poetry filled the airwaves of their stations ...

    Kisses for you Carmen.

  2. I love reading your clever poems! Hope you are doing OK.

    I have tagged you on my writer blog by the way. :)

  3. Cuanta razón tiene tu poema, Carmen! La fotografía es impactante!!

  4. mmm....sobering...wish he had a friend that cared, but even then he obviously does not make great choices...

  5. good reminder always ~

    nice to meet you~

  6. What a cool photograph! I love your poem and the message it contains.

  7. DD are good to have. I am the DD in our family.

  8. That happens all too often around here, the state with drive through liquor stores.

  9. looks like he drove through the wall- i guess when you drink you don't notice little things like that.

  10. Interesting picture and a witty poem!

  11. Anonymous9:13 AM

    What a clever verse. And I love the picture.

    I saw that you were tagged by Glynis, along with me and four other bloggers I already know. So since I don't know you, I came over to meet you
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  12. Carmen, what a very good reminded you have coined in this poem.

  13. "j" -
    I can't tell you how happy I am to have you reading my blog. I love Josep and now I feel connected to all of you. Next, I will have to write a letter to Julia! Maybe she will write back to me!

    Glynis -
    I saw your tag. Funny, I was tagged twice this week. Will try to respond to both on Wednesday. I've been busy for a couple of nursing school friend from New Orleans ( best friend for 49 years ) was here for two weeks which was wonderful!

    Gemma -
    Drinking and driving is a serious problem here in the U. S. I'm not sure if it as big a problem in Spain.

    Brian Miller -
    So often, in a drunk driving situation, innocent people are killed and the driver often walks away unhurt!

    Heaven -
    It's nice to meet you, too - I appreciate you're stopping by my blog!

    TALON -
    Being an RN for 45 years, I've, very sadly, seen so many people come through the ER, victims of drunk drivers.

    Monkey Man -
    When my son was down at Cal Poly, I loved that they lived close enough to downtown that they walked to the bars. No one had to drive! Now that they're out of college, they always have a designated driver - usually, one of the girlfriends.

    Alice Audrey -
    What state are you in? I know New Orleans has drive through daiquari bars. I couldn't believe it!

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I do enjoy a cocktail - or two - but, if I'm driving, I have to stop at one. It's just not worth taking a chance. I wait till I get home, then have a glass of wine if I want another! I have three couches in my living room and I've often had all of them filled. I won't let folks leave if they drink too much and neither do my sons.

    lotusleaf -
    Is this a problem in India? Do you have a campaign against drinking and driving?

    Ann Best -
    I'm delighted you came over from Glynis' blog. I have to answer all her questions. I'll work on that this week.

    betchai -
    That message - don't drink and drive - needs to be out there constantly!

    Glynis -
    I saw your tag - funny, this is the second in a week. I will try to respond to both on Wednesday! I'm doing long as our social security checks aren't withheld! I wouldn't be able to pay the second half of my rent!!