Sunday, June 05, 2011

Double Meme - Trees at the Palace of Fine Arts - June 5, 2011

When my friend, Merle, was visiting recently from Hilo, Hawaii, one of the stops
on our tour of San Francisco was the Palace of Fine Arts.  While the temperatures
were still cool, it was a glorious sunny day and we got some wonderful photos.
I loved the tree shadows and I am posting them both to Sundays in My City and
Shadow Shot Sunday, #159.  I enjoy both of these memes very much and urge you
to check them out and add your photography!

It was so nice to be there on a Monday when there was almost no one else around. 
Of course, all that is going to change, now that school vacations have begun and
tourism is going to be in full swing in our beautiful area of the country!


  1. Weeping Willows have long been favorites of mine.

  2. This wonderful noted place.
    A collection of sightseeing photographs of San Francisco is my important souvenir.

    Many slopes are left in my impression very much.
    San Francisco is scenic wonderland.

    Thank you.

  3. It looks a beautiful spot and that tree is casting a lovely shadow. Great shot! I have to go to San Francisco one day.

  4. I just love the second photo! beautiful trees!

  5. Anonymous3:56 AM

    The colours in your photos are amazing, the green of the trees is so vivid.
    Have a great week :-)

  6. I want to sit under one of those trees with a good book and a cup of coffee.

  7. The second shot of the willow, reminds me of a tree like that at my grandparents' when I was young. It was great for sitting under in the shade.

  8. Willow trees are my absolute favorite. Beautiful pictures!

  9. How I love weeping willows! As a child I used to like to play under one in my "tent" because I was convinced nobody could see me. The second shot is just superb.

  10. Looks like you caught the nice weather as well, wonderful shots.

  11. beautiful shots Carmen, the trees make the scenery always very peaceful and cool.

  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    A beautiful area it is!!

  13. Love the green grass and willows.
    My trips to SF are always too short. How lucky that you live in the bay area.
    Thanks for your visit and comment at

  14. Those trees are looking gorgeous. I love this place, it is so beautiful to me.

    This is Unknown Mami. I'm having trouble commenting, so just in case it doesn't come up.

  15. The Palace of Fine Arts does look palatial!


    Come here, my shadow,
    Do not delay;
    Be my companion,
    Show me the way;
    Teach me your secrets,
    Chant as we go
    Of light and darkness—
    Make my heart glow!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow of Memories

  16. The sun was really high when you caught those!

  17. I think that I love the flower in your header with the bee best of all! The tree shots are great too.

  18. What a beautiful building & grounds.

  19. Those are beautiful trees. They look old and classic. I love the second one especially. I'm glad you and your friend had a wonderful time.

  20. Really nice shadow patterns!

    Shadow shots, have a great week ahead.

  21. Very lovely! It looks so peaceful! Have a great week!

  22. Beautiful photos. At first I thought that the first one was a drawing, it looks so perfect!

  23. Incredible beauty!!!

    Thanks for your comments on my Sunday post...

    Winter Past is my link to Macro Monday. Do stop by, again, when you get a chance. I'd love your company. Have a great week.

  24. Love all the photos. Beautifully captured.

  25. wow, just the right shady spot to rest and take a break :)
    have a great week ahead, and thanks for stopping by.

  26. I love trees in almost any format, fully-leafed to bare-boned.

  27. Must agree; those trees are begging for a person to get comfy with a book underneath their branches. Beautiful Sunday capture!

  28. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Such beautiful places you found shadows ;-)
    I hope you are having a great week!

  29. These are beautiful trees...they make me want to sit under one and have a picnic! Love the shades of green. Thanks for stopping by!