Friday, September 24, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Alcatraz - September 24, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Alcatraz - September 24, 2010

Look at its location,
In San Francisco Bay,
A real estate treasure,
With the city on display.

How sad they must have been,
Locked away inside,
And those who tried to flee,
Inevitably, they died.

Its roster of hardened criminals,
Were the most incorrigable of men,
Their list of crimes contained,
Every kind of sin.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2010 Carmen Henesy.
All Rights Reserved.

I am participating in the Flash 55 Friday meme of the fabulous Mr G-Man.
Join us for a good time.


  1. is this the same wher they shot "shutter Island"??? it sure looks like the same.........

    aahh .... it's so beautiful......

    PS.... it's over 2 in nite..... you shld get some sleep

  2. we hide our shame...though from this angle it does look rather nice...nice 55.

  3. So very interesting. You really painted us a perfect picture with words.

    "Pop...goes the weasel" is my link to my 55...just scroll down below the Halloween part. I do hope you can find time to visit with me! Have a super Friday, and a blessed weekend.

  4. Carmen, the photo is excellent, and brings thoughts of the peeps who lived there, and the men and women everywhere who have forced themselves out of freedom's bliss.

    And your words complement the picture so well.

    A serious--and good--'55'

    Mine is HERE

  5. what i can relate to this photo is that movie w/ sean connery and nick cage...

  6. I toured this place and the kids and I tried shutting ourselves in one of the solitary confinement cells. How people didn't go right out of their minds in there, I can't imagine.

  7. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Excellent 55 my friend. You never think about it like that until you see it written down :) What a place. You do the crime, you do the time huh? Have a great Friday :)

  8. Great photo. When the dogs pass on, and we can travel more, Alcatraz is one of the places I would like to visit.

  9. Carmen Electra...
    I loved your Pics
    Excellent 55 My Dear..
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  10. I've been to Alcatraz many times-- It's a haunting place but oh the view.

    Nice job on the 55!!!

    Happy weekend. jj

  11. That is a pretty valuable piece of real estate. If only....

    Great 55, Carmen.

  12. You always get a lot of mileage out of those 55 words!

  13. Very foreboding!
    It would be interesting to know the stories of every person who ever stayed there.

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!

    Mine's been posted here since last night, but it's taken me this long to visit and leave comments. Sorry about that.

  14. Fabulous 55 and a fabulous picture!

  15. -Check out the link for info on my blogaversary giveaway:

    hitesh rawat -
    No, Alcatraz wasn't the locale for "Shutter Island" - according to Wikipedia, "as for the Shutter Island hospital, it didn't really exist and neither does Shutter Island. The locations for the film, based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, were in Massachusetts, many in and around the harbour. Locations were also sought in Connecticut and Nova Scotia before filming began in early 2008. The result was a composite of dark, brooding shots which gave Shutter Island its menacing atmosphere all the way from Dr Cawley's plush drawing room to the dizzying rocky drop between Shutter Island's craggy cliffs and its sinister lighthouse."

    Brian Miller -
    Except for being such a cold and windy spot, Alcatraz would have been great for a posh hotel.

    Just going inside a cell at Alcatraz was enough for me....I would have gone insane locked up there for 26 years as one prisoner was.

    steveroni -
    I cannot imagine being imprisoned anywhere. I've been inside San Quentin for about four hours, helping them set up sexual assault services. That was pretty scary.

    imriz -
    In my profession as a forensic nurse, I've been inside both San Quentin and several of the local jails...not a pleasant experience.

    secret agent woman -
    I'm with you. Insanity would be a welcome relief if one were confined to a prison for years.

    Thom -
    Staying on the right side of the law hasn't been much of a problem for me in my nearly 65 years. As a nurse, I've been in the local jails ( including San Quentin ) a few times and I've just been grateful I could walk out.

    Snowbrush -
    If you ever get down this way and I'm still around, I do hope we get to meet!

    G-Man -
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend, as well. It's unseasonably hot here in the San Francisco area...not my cup of tea, not even my vodka martini!

    Joanna Jenkins -
    Hopefully, if you're back in my neighborhood, you'll give me a yell and we can meet for lunch or a drink. You're right, Alcatraz has the best view but it gets a little chilly over there.

    Monkey Man -
    I doubt the Feds will ever let Alcatraz go - they are making an awful lot of money on those tours. I hear the evening one is very popular. I'll have to try it sometime.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I wish I could get a lot of mileage out of this old body!!

    Janna -
    I'd like to go back and see all the Alcatraz movies. I know the last prison guard has died. He used to answer questions on the tours.

    Mama Zen -
    Glad you like the Alcatraz post. It's such a fascinating place.

  16. I really wish one day I can visit that place !!!

    Thanks for that photo Carmen.


    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  17. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Carmen, thanks for the shot. How could something be so beautiful and hold so much pain? :(

  18. Carmen great 55....reading your blog it appears we have similar paths...of journey...I was born in Chicago...from nine on in Minnesota - I see that is where your freinds came from....and have been in Northern Cal for over 30 years love CA...for all of its problems it is so beautiful....bkm

  19. Alcatraz was such a great place for the prisoners, or not. They all tried to escape, life just seemed so reachable, but once out there, they can't survive long enough to live. I am glad they move the prisoners, now come to think of it.

  20. Alcatraz... I plan to see that too when I visit California in December.