Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camera Critters #129 - Great Egrets at The Palace of Fine Arts - September 25, 2010

Critters #129 -  Great Egrets at The Palace of Fine Arts - September 25, 2010

I've been living in the San Francisco area for over thirty-three years now and I've been
visiting the Palace of Fine Arts for that long.  It is a beautful structure that was built for
the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.  After the exposition ended, most of the buildings
were demolished but a Palace Preservation League fought to save the beautiful building
and columns of the Palace.  It is the scene of movies, weddings, and is a popular tourist

Palace of Fine Arts from Wikipedia

I have always seen duck and seagulls, in large numbers, at the Palace but, when I was
there on Tuesday with my friends who were visiting from Minnesota and Chicago, I was
so suprised to see egrets in the lagoon for the first time.  They were so beautiful.

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  1. Anonymous3:57 AM

    How cool they are. I wonder why they showed up? Interesting :) Have a great Saday :)

  2. here in kansas i see these birds all the time. i keep telling Wes they are so unusual because i never got to see all these different birds in California. in norwalk and downey where i grew up wild life is scarce.these are great picutures

  3. hi carmen...happy to see you at farmhouse...

    i love your photographs..just beautiful.

    i am out the door to a Fall Festival but wanted to stop by for a quick Hello...

    i will be back to visit with you more later

    sending love today
    kary and teddy

  4. Ohhhhh, wow. The composition of the very first photo is outstanding!!!!

  5. You got some beautiful shots! Very handsome birds.

  6. Hello Carmen!

    AS usual, great photos! You are great in capturing awesome moments like this!

  7. I love egrets and herons.

  8. I've never been to San Francisco but hope visit one day. It's on my list of places to go.

  9. I love to see these Egrets because of their long necks and legs.

  10. Beautiful birds, for sure!

  11. beautiful egrets, Carmen, wow, I did not see egrets here in cultural parks, I usually only see them in nature parks, so it must be a treat to see them at the Palace of Fine Arts.

  12. Egrets are such beautiful creatures with their long necks, nice shots.

  13. Her dancing posture is really beautiful...

    Thank you.

  14. What gorgeous birds. Very pretty.

  15. Egrets are so elegant looking, and you did a fantastic job with these shots, Carmen!

  16. You must know everything there is to know about San Francisco. That stork looks so skinny. Great captures Carmen.

  17. I wonder if they are migrating. I was surprised when I saw one in the weeds beside a local lake a couple of years ago. It hung around for a few sightings, but I haven't seen it since.

  18. wow! I have not seen an egret yet. so i just enjoy the geese and the ducks in the ponds. i hope i will see some egrets one of these days... and i hope that i have a camera on hand.

  19. Priyanka Bhowmick -
    I was so thrilled to see these egrets!

    Thom -
    There are actually egrets nearby, a few miles away, in the bay, on Angel Island. I guess these might have come from there.

    clean and crazy -
    I was at Costco, near the San Francisco airport the other day and there was a sign in front, saying that, behind the store, is an area that is a marine wildlife preserve, with all kinds of birds ( including egrets ) and marine life. One of these days, I'll have to take my camera and go look!

    My Farmhouse Kitchen -
    So nice to see you, Kary. I have been enjoying your blog and the fabulous fall pictures.

    I had such a fun day at the Palace of Fine Arts. The egrets were such a special gift.

    Lorac -
    Aren't they the most beautiful birds? I was mesmerized. They can assume the most convoluted shapes, stretching their necks, then making them shorter so that they don't even look like the same bird.

    MaxiVelasco -
    I'm glad you like my photography.

    secret agent woman -
    I really haven't seen many egrets and herons but they certainly are impressive.

    Trish -
    If you make it to San Francisco, you'll have to let me know so we can meet.

    rainfield61 -
    Egrets are such elegant birds.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I had never seen an egret up close and personal so this was really exciting to me.

    betchai -
    It really blew me away to see these beautiful birds in this setting that is normally only ducks and sea gulls - oh, yes, pigeons, too.

    Iowa Gardening Woman -
    I am now an avid egret fan.

    Ruma -
    It seems to me that I saw many pictures in Japan with egrets on them.

    onangelwings -
    They are such graceful birds - and pure white.

    Icy BC -
    It was so easy getting these pictures. The egrets were right in front of me. It was funny, though. The big one wasn't very friendly to the little one. He kept chasing it away.

    Self Sagacity -
    I've lived in the area for 33 years now, Amanda, but always in San Mateo County, in the South City, Pacifica, Daly City area - though I've always worked in San Francisco. I really don't know the city as well as I'd like.

    steviewren -
    From what I've been reading, there are egrets in our area all year round. Many live on Angel Island, out in San Francisco Bay, just a couple of miles, actually, from the Palace of Fine Arts.

  20. Wow, these shots are amazing. The egrets are just beautiful and that first shot of the Palace of Fine Arts with that reflection is stunning.