Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only Six Months to Go

In May 2010, my sojourn as the only female in this testosterone laden family will draw to a close.  My fortunate middle son, Alex, has chosen a lovely girl, Laura Winterhalter, with whom to share his life.  I could not be happier.  She is a dream - thoughtful, caring, bright.  They've known each other for about five years - met in college when both were studying to be firefighters.  She is now working as a paramedic and both recently took a written exam for the San Francisco Fire Department.  They already bought their first home and adopted a granddog for me, a pitbull, against my protests.  I argued about that particular breed and, for every article I sent, they sent an article refuting my protests.  Taffy, the year-old female they rescued from the Yolo County animal shelter is a shy, sweet dog who has captured my heart.  When I am in Sacramento to see them, she even snuggles with me at night!

Laura and my son, Alex

This is my first "granddog", Taffy...not at all a ferocious pitbull

Recently, Laura went shopping for her wedding dress and invited me to go along with her mom and maid of honor on the shopping expedition.  "Since you have three boys, I'm not sure you will have that opportunity."  I was so touched and honored to be included and, just like her mother, my eyes were filled with tears as she tried on gown after gown, looking radiant and beautiful in each one.

 Mandy ( left ), maid of honor, and Laura, as we celebrate successful dress shopping

Me with Christine, Laura's mother - we hit it off right from the start - she is a nurse, too

I have two other sons so there is even a possibility that I might acquire two more daughters-in-law to help even out the unbalanced male to female ratio in our  household.  If the other boys choose as well as Alex did, our family has got it made!

My other granddog, Bucky

 My oldest son, Shawn Smith....38, with no marriage prospects yet!!!

Jeremy, my soon-to-be 25-year-old. before and after his haircut
He also has a lovely girlfriend!!



  1. You have a beautiful family-Blessings!
    Allex picked two winners,= Laura and Taffy.
    Shawn & Jeremy need to put on their running shoes,= all the gals will be after those two handsome guys!

  2. Thanks, jcollins, for your comments - they are great sons but I am glad to finally be getting a nice young lady!

  3. You have a beautiful family!
    Alex picked two winners=Laura and Taffy!
    The handsome guys,= Shawn & Jeremy had better put on their running shoes as the gals will all be after them!

  4. Beautiful family, Carmen! Congrat on the new "gand-dog", and a new daughter-in-law!

  5. Your boys are handsome kind looking fellows. Those big sweet guys always make a mother proud.

    I also have three grown sons, 35, 33 and 25. But, I was also fortunate to have one daughter as well. She is married to a great guy. My two oldest sons are married to sweet girls who fit right into the family. I have 8 grandchildren as well. The funny thing is the first 6 were girls. The last 2 have been boys. And the family is still growing. You are going to love adding to your family too!

  6. Icy, I am pretty lucky! Now, if the other two boys just get busy!!!

    Stevie, sounds like you've got quite the family. We've been such a small family...I only have one brother and two nephews...and now a great nephew and niece. I've longed for those big family holiday gatherings!