Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Fantastic Cities" - An Adult Coloring Book by Steve McDonald - January 31, 2016

The most amazing things have happened to me since I've
begun blogging.  I have met the most incredible people and
my life has been enriched in ways I would never have thought possible.

For example, way back on December 1, 2014, I got the following email from a gentleman by the name of Steve

My name is Steve McDonald. I'm an illustrator/artist originally from Ontario, Canada but now based in Bali, Indonesia.  I have recently become well known for my line drawings of aerial scenery. I work with a number of photographers to source reference material for my work. Jeffrey Milstein, Klaus Leidorf and Jason Van Bruggen are a few well known photographers that allow me to use their images as reference material.

Presently I'm working on a book for Chronicle Publishing in San Francisco. It will be full of crazy detailed line drawings of aerial views of architecture.  I'm wondering if I may use one of your photos as a reference for a line drawing. The one you posted of San Francisco. I do change, crop and sometimes stretch the images before working from them and often remove or insert objects. I am also happy to attribute the source photographer if requested. ( some do , some don't - I do prefer to credit the photographer even though the final drawings are sometimes are quite different ). Included are a few of my drawings so you can see what I do.  I'm represented by Illozoo illustration in the US.  I'd be happy to eventually send you a copy of the book as well. publish date late 2015.

Thanks in advance,

Steve McDonald,  AOCAD

I gave him my permission and I was curious as to how he'd found a picture of mine.  He said he goes to Google images, searches for aerial views and city name.  He came across my blog.  He also told me that he'd lived in India for two years when his daughters were small.  

I forgot all about his project until, before Christmas, I was in a lovely gift shop in my neighborhood and, lo and behold, there was "Fantastic Cities."  I could not believe the elaborate work involved in his drawings.  I was in awe. I showed Craig and Derrick, the owners, my name in the book and the San Francisco drawing.  They were most impressed.  I bought four of the books myself for friends.  After that, I saw the book in several shops.  It is truly amazing

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