Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Gates of Rashtrapati Bhavan - August 24, 2014

The Gates of Rashtrapati Bhavan

These beautiful gates surround Rashtrapati Bhavan, the 340 room residence 
and offices of the President of India in New Delhi, India.  In addition to the 
main building, there are 320 acres in the Presidential Estate, which include the
famous Mughul Gardens, stables, residences for staff and bodyguards and
various offices.

It took eighteen years to complete construction and, in the year of its completion,
India gained its independence from Great Britain.

Pranab Murkherjee, the 13th president of India, has held the office since July, 2012.
Since that time, he has opened up more and more of Rashtrapati Bhavan to 
the people of India and other guests.

For more information on Rashtrapati Bhavan, refer to the links below.

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  1. Our beautiful world comes in so many forms.

  2. Those gates are truly works of art.

  3. Those are absolutely stunning! It's good to hear that the people are able to enjoy the grounds now.

  4. Love the one with the sunlight glimmering through the gate


  5. The gates are amazing, I also like the CA state capitol, I'll have to visit it one day soon :). Thank you for stopping by

  6. Soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing

  7. How beautiful. Thanks for all of the information, it was very interesting to learn about Rashtrapati Bhavanand. I've always wanted to go to India :).

  8. A fantastic photo... great light and beautiful gates
    It's my first link up with Our Beautiful World.
    I love to take a peek into other peoples world so I'm sure I'm going to be a regular visitor.
    Thank you for sharing ;D
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  9. That is a beautiful place indeed. Love it.

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  11. WOW Carmen, fabulously intricate gates and very interesting post, thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World Robyn

  12. Wonderfull art gates.

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  14. The gates are just stunning! They look like handmade lace against the sky.
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