Saturday, June 21, 2014

UE's Weekend Challenge: Jewelry - Saturday, June 21, 2014

I love the jewelry in India.  During my 15 months of living there recently, I bought 
a few dangly earrings ( costume jewelry only, of course ) but I so enjoying wearing

I was once invited to a Hindu celebration called Karva Chauth, where women fast
from sunrise to the rising of the moon, to pray for the safety and longevity of their
husbands.  The ladies gather together, dressed in their best clothing, often their
wedding finery. beautiful jewelry, and make up and go through rituals, chanting and
rituals together until moonrise when their husbands arrive to give their wives water
to break their fasts.

It was a most beautiful event and the women were as colorful as a field of flowers 
in bloom.  I was honored to be invited to participate.

And, no, there is no reciprocal day of fasting for the safety and longevity of the wives.

I am participating in 

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  1. Beautiful bangles and bracelets!!

  2. Wow! So beautiful....

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